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akbound 12-21-2003 02:44 PM

RE: Core-Loct fails me again!
Hi again JagMagMan,

I've used partitions quite a bit...and have a lot of confidence in them. The five years we lived in Alaska I used them more than every other bullet type put together.

Can't say I necessarily blame you for switching though....I know that doe we lost "shook my confidence" with Interlocks for quite awhile. Especially when you "don't know" the answer to ("what happened"?).

Currently my .260 Remington is zeroed with 120 grain Nosler Ballistictips. I've used them successfully on whitetails....and they are "rather soft". They give me great terminal performance on broadside shots...but I'd be hesitant to try to shoot through heavy bone. I'd be even more hesitant to use them on animals tougher than deer. In the .260 for anything bigger than deer I'd either rezero with the 125 grain Partitions....or just switch to a decent 140 grainer.

Once again, best of luck with the new load!


ralphie 12-21-2003 03:30 PM

RE: Core-Loct fails me again!
Core-locts in my .243 have yet to fail me. No problems here.

Danny45 12-21-2003 03:53 PM

RE: Core-Loct fails me again!
Well, I'm going to get blasted for this, but I for one believe that velocity, distance, and bullet construction can and will have a effect on bullet performance. I've seen fragile bullets like the Hornady SST literally blow up inside 200 yards on deer. Better bullets have mushroomed as they should have beyond 100 yards, but while inside 100 yards, they just punched a small hole without ever expanding. My last 8 point was shot at 70 yards, broadside, with 150 grain Core-Lokts out of a 30-30 rifle. Deer dropped in his tracks and never moved. I have never had a problem with Core-Lokt bullets.

If I was going to use any bullet other than the plastic tip bullets inside 100 yards out of a gun such as the 7mm Mag, I'd aim so that one shoulder was taken out.

stubblejumper 12-21-2003 05:43 PM

RE: Core-Loct fails me again!
The primary factor effecting how bullets expand is the resistive force that they encounter.This in turn is determined by the velocity of the bullet and the media that it impacts.Given the same media the faster a bullet travels the more it expands.If the media is bone or another hard media the bullet will usually expand much more than if the media was soft tissue.It is possible that a bullet moving faster may expand less than a bullet moving slower if the faster bullet strikes a media that offers less resistance but slowing a bullet down will not make it expand more if it strikes the same media.In other words a slower bullet striking a rib before entering the chest cavity may expand more than a faster bullet that slips between the ribs but if both bullets strike the rib or both slip between the ribs the faster bullet will expand more.The idea that a bullet is travelling too fast to expand is a myth believed only by those that do not understand how and why a bullet expands.

Gary10ec1 12-21-2003 07:32 PM

RE: Core-Loct fails me again!
I have used Core-Lokts for about four years now and haven't had a problem. I shoot 165 grain in a 30-06 and they shroon pretty good in hogs deer and this year a very unfortunate bobcat. I have more of an issue with the variability in the shape of the tip. May move to balistic tips but for now $11 a box fits me just fine.

Stone Cold 12-21-2003 08:06 PM

RE: Core-Loct fails me again!
7mm Rem Mag.....I would shoot the Hornady 139 BTSP or the SST......

I have shot this for three years and have always dropped deer within 30 yards and had a blood someone poured a five gallon paint can to the deer.

I shoot this round and the 7mm rum and I wish I had this round already loaded....I have to reload to get it.....hopefully next year I will start

Drilling-Man 12-21-2003 08:44 PM

RE: Core-Loct fails me again!
Just because a style/type of bullet works in one cal/weight, it doesn't mean it will work in all the others. SO, if Cor-loks work in a 30-06 for example, that doesn't mean they will work in a 7 mag..

Biggest problem i see a lot, is guys are useing too big of a gun for the game they are hunting!!! My nephue uses a 338 mag for whitetails!! Those big game bullets just weren't designed to work well in smaller animials.

I've shot a lot of big game animials, and the bullet that has been the best for me in all the cal's i've used, is the Nosler partitions. The nose is soft and expands well, then the partition stops the expasion, allowing the rest of the bullet to drive on through.

I haven't recovered many N. partition bullets over the years and that's fine with me, as i like to see an exit wound on anything i shoot.

BTW, in my 7mm, i use 140 grain bullets for deer, and that seems to be the right weight for deer sized game, especially with a broad side lung shot. The problem with the 7 mag is, if the deer is too close most lighter bullets over expand, and heavier bullets don't expand enough. (on light game like a deer)

This is all the more reason to use a bullet that has a soft nose, and rear protion that will drive on through!!

swampdog_ 12-21-2003 09:09 PM

RE: Core-Loct fails me again!
I shoot the 7 MM Mag almost exclusively (for whitetail).I also load my own in all calibers.My best in the 7 for whitetails is the 140 gr. nosler ballistic tip.I have had some over expansion.But I have always had a unmistakable blood trail.Shot one at a semi-bad angle the other day and took off the whole shoulder.

Tikka 300 12-21-2003 10:00 PM

RE: Core-Loct fails me again!
Reminds me of my grandfathers saying, "burn me once shame on you, burn me twice shame on me".

Quilly 12-22-2003 03:57 AM

RE: Core-Loct fails me again!
jag mag man..

you are the first person that this year had the problem. as i posted before on another site. gentleman shot a doe at 25yds and the deer ran 200yds with little sign on a double lung shot. he was using rem core-lokt's..
my opinion would be using a caliber like that where shots are that close. i would go with a premium bullet or something that would expand but not blow up on impact.
but then again i do not own a magnum so i cannot help you any further.

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