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Setfit1911 01-12-2022 09:58 AM

CMP Springfield M1 Garand With Complete Accessories And Ammos
I have 2,384 rounds of ammos to include along with the M1 Garand rifle. The mixture is roughly 50/50 of US M2 ball and Greek ammunition. Here is the approximate breakdown in ammo; 384 loose clips, 480 rounds on bandoliers/clips, 2 sealed cans of 520 rounds each and 2 sealed cans of 240 rounds each. This is a fairly accurate estimate. The ammo is in good condition, and stored appropriately.
Discreet PPT
The sale/value price is $1200 for the whole shebang Shipped UPS. I WILL SHIP AT MY COST. 8578374100

bronko22000 01-27-2022 07:34 PM

Your thread title says M1 Garand and ammo. And no pics? Also this should be in the classified section. This is a great price for rifle and ammo considering I paid that for my Garand alone.

bronko22000 01-30-2022 03:54 PM

Hmmm makes a post and doesn't show up for responses!

CalHunter 01-31-2022 07:17 AM

Topic moved to appropriate forum. Buyer beware.

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