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hunters_life 04-18-2019 09:10 AM

Sav99 conversion
Just picked up a Savage 99a in .243 for a ridiculously low price. Barrel is goofed up (badly pitted) which is why I got it cheap. My plan, since everything else on the rifle is dang near mint, is to convert this to a cartridge that is the unicorn of Savage 99's, the 7mm.08. Been looking for years and the only 4 I've found were in the multiple thousands range which I absolutely will not pay for a dang 99. I personally know noone that has ever had a 99 re-barreled and have no clue which makers even make them. Anyone on here have a clue?

Bocajnala 04-18-2019 02:48 PM

Pacnor used to make barrels for them. Not sure if they still do. I've seen some used ones floating around.

Might be a place to start.


Ridge Runner 04-18-2019 03:54 PM

if you buy the correct contour barrel blank, any smith worth his salt and get it done.

Pioneer2 08-14-2019 11:51 AM

Can it not be re-bored?

Chris76 08-14-2019 12:41 PM

Not sure where your from but I know a guy that lives close to me that could do it. I live in Pa if I hear back from you I will give him a call and see if he is interested in it. The guy is pretty good. Has made me a couple of turkey shoots barrels and my son and I win a lot with them.

hunters_life 08-14-2019 03:03 PM

Pioneer2, Pitting was really severe and I just didn't trust it.

Chris76, thanks but I already got a blank and sent it off to Arkansas to get rebarreled a couple months back. Should be done with it soon but he is quite busy so may not be. Never know but time is sometimes the price you pay for quality work and I know from experience that 99's can be extremely picky.

Chris76 08-14-2019 03:06 PM

Ok sorry I just now looked at the date you posted it.

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