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coolbrze0 10-06-2017 03:24 AM

New .22
Looking for a nice .22 rifle for plinking & squirrel hunting. Already have a Ruger 10/22 & not impressed. Either semi-auto or bolt action. Any recommendations?

Big Uncle 10-06-2017 06:02 AM

My experience is that a 10/22 sporter is normally a very good shooter, but with a trigger job, and a new barrel ( It takes about $200 and a few minutes to make one into a fine squirrel rifle.

For a bolt action it is hard to beat a CZ 452 for the price ($400 or so), or a Remington 541 T (a bit more). A friend of mine shoots a 452, I shoot a 541 T, and they both shoot great.

When I take a walk in the squirrel woods it is a toss-up on whether it will be a modified 10/22 or the 541 T that goes with me.

Nomercy448 10-07-2017 12:36 PM

CZ 452 or 455 are the most bang for the buck you'll get in a bolt action 22LR. Scary accurate rifles, especially for the money.

Not many folks are fans of Savage, but I have a couple Mark II's and 93's which shoot lights out. My latest, is a Mark II FSS I picked up for my son last winter, with plans to cut it down to 16" and cut the LOP to 8.5" on a Boyd's pro-varmint stock to fit his now 4yr old frame. He has been doing well with his Marlin 60, so I left the stock alone, through a demo Bushnell Trophy 3-9x mil-dot on top, and I have been shooting it myself all summer at 300-350yrds as a practice rifle.

coolbrze0 10-08-2017 10:59 AM

Thanks guys. Any recommendations on an auto-loading .22 rifle?

scottycoyote 10-08-2017 11:22 AM

Originally Posted by coolbrze0 (Post 4317817)
Thanks guys. Any recommendations on an auto-loading .22 rifle?

a massaged 1022 (aka ultimate) is hard to makes an autoloader model 512 i believe. If you want to go a little cheaper you go with a remington 597

ctom 10-08-2017 12:58 PM

I have a Ruger 10/77 bolt in.22 mag and its unreal. I was at one time a real fan of the Ruger 10/22's but with all the crap they do to them today I feel the bolt is way more accurate and certainly is way more gun to start with.

bronko22000 10-08-2017 01:19 PM

Not impressed wth your 10/22! Wow. That seems hard to believe. Every one I've ever owned or shot would shoot better than I could hold. I usually have no trouble getting one to shoot a 5 shot group at 50 yards that I could cover with a nickel. Have you tried different brands of ammo with it? I currently have a new synthetic one that I am waiting on rings for so I can take it out an see what ammo it likes the best.

Nomercy448 10-11-2017 12:14 AM

For semiautos, to me, there are 2. The Marlin 60, and the 10/22 Target.

I've never been impressed by the 10/22 carbines with barrel bands, or synthetic stocks. Just don't do it for me. A guy can spend money rebuilding 10/22's, which is fine and fun and I've enjoyed doing it, but a guy can get a jump start on it by starting with the 10/22 Target.

rogerstv 10-11-2017 10:39 AM

Love my plain jane 10/22. Shoots as well as I need a .22 to shoot.

jdeardor 10-11-2017 01:31 PM

Love my Browning Auto .22
My grandfather bought one for every boy in the family. He died before he gave me the one set aside for me (I'm the youngest) but my parents gave it to me the Christmas after. It was always a straight shooter. I have quarter I shot 3 times at ~25 yards open sights. I have since given it to my oldest who has my grandpa's and my middle name. My parents bought my youngest son one so he could have a matching one with the rest of the family (too many boys!) and I bought myself another one.
My uncles is blond stock that was Belgium made and he gave it to one of his grandsons, his son gave his to the other son. My dad gave his to my sisters son. The rest were Japan made I think.
There is still one that in a machine shed somewhere on our farm that my grandpa hid in-case he ever needed it quickly while working. We've been looking for it for 30 years, I don't think we will find it LOL.

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