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Need a custom stock


Old 02-09-2017, 11:31 AM
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Default Need a custom stock

Hello, I recently purchased an over under collectable shotgun. The model is IJ-27 it is a USSR made shotgun but imported to the states by Baikal. Made in 1974 and the metal is in very good condition never shot. However the wood is in very bad condition. Does anyone know any custom shops that can make me a stock? Money is not an issue. Just want a good quality job. Thanks- Outdoorlivin.

P.S.- there are new models of this gun but the stocks are different thats why I need a custom made one.
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Old 02-10-2017, 11:32 AM
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Check with Boyd's Gunstocks.

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anybody with a duplicater can make you a stock. try wenig, got a couple made by them, joel russo also comes to mind.
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there is NO shortage of custom stock makers out there, do a web search and you will find all you want, be prepared to open your wallet if you want HIGH grade wood
basic stock sets will run about 800+ high end can run several thousands
having the original stock will sure help on time for a smith to make and fit

here is one I know does good work

I know of several others as well, most I know tend to be BUSY and booked up a yr or longer out,
so expect to NOT get it FAST< unless you want to PAY even more, or find a smaller shop looking for work

the TOP guys, don't need to LOOK for work, word of mouth keeps them as busy as they want to be most times

I have a local guy, does great work, but I know he is always at least a yr out, but he's very fair on prices and does super work IMO
does maybe 10 stocks a yr only, small and likes it that way!

here is a idea on what blacks run, to help you, and MOST all places like this can recommend you to a GOOD stock builder too, so you can try reaching out to them too, or like places, again, do a search for gun stock blanks and you will find a LOT out there

I doubt ANY mass produced stock maker will have a stock for this gun your looking for, will have to be a custom build deal!
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Old 03-04-2017, 01:10 PM
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By saying custom stock, you DO realize depending on the type/grade of wood selected, you're talking about anywhere from 350-500 for lower grade wood, up to the sky as limit if you REALLY want fancy! When I make stocks all by hand, I invest many hours inletting, shaping, final shaping, final sanding, checkering, and finishing. It's hard to justify spending hundreds of dollars on a (NO offense) lower grade inexpensive gun. I've been making stocks by hand from blanks for well over 30 years, but have yet to do 1 I'm 100% satisfied with!
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I'm the same way Bear...I just ordered a Boyds the other day for this Smokeless ML I'm building because I am not really equipped to drill the rod hole. That's a pretty long hole and I'd hate for it to "creep" on a stock I'd just spent HOURS on shaping. Not to mention that stock is pretty nifty looking too

Isn't quite a match to what I really wanted but for $135 total not too much to cry about. I can always do a little work on it to match up with what I have in my head.
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