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Which one ?

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Default Which one ?

I'm looking at buying a rifle for deer pretty much decided on a 243 for now I've been researching the remington 700 the 783 and mossberg patriot my ? Is do any of you have personal experience with these guns and which one would you choose ? Why?
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I own a Remington 700 in 243, isn't a new one a 1970's some thing BDL. Has accounted for a lot of deer for me as well as coyotes and crows.
I like the rifle because it is a quality fire arm and easy to self adjust trigger and great resale value.

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I have a Remington 700 in 7mag and its been great. I also have a Remington 710 in .243. While the action is terrible it is still the most accurate rifle I own and have taken deer out to 230 yrds with it. I also have a Savage youth n .243 I got for my son but unless my daughter get the hunting bug it will be collection dust
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I have several rem 700';s of all different ages (newest will be a 2014 SPS one in .243)
and forms, plus a bunch of custom built riffles on there actions!
all have been great rifles and shooters
I also last yr picked up a mossberg patriot , but in .223
my opinions on it are this, its a nice gun for the price, but it is just that a CHEAP gun
they have issue's on larger calibers with more recoil, causing stocks to crack, so if you get one, bed it, seems to solve that issue, and well, won't hurt it any on accuracy help
mine shoots OK, not tack driver, but will hold about a 1.5 inch group with most ammo I stuck down it to date, haven't really played with it much, was an impulse buy deal, and price was right, think I got it for like 320 bucks out the door, brand new!

the action is rather crude, not smooth like a 700 by any means, but it works?/
the rem 783's
haven't owned but shot a bunch, mostly in 30-06 caliber, some shot great small groups and some didn;'t
seems like pick of the litter on them there!
all three guns your looking at at OK deer rifles
the 700, pending what form(ADL, SPS< BDL< CDL< OR??)
will determine how much time was spent on fine turning them from appearance to how smooth the actions are, and what stocks and set ups will work, some of the cheaper lines , are NOT so adaptable for building off of, as the actions have slight differences that make it a little trickier to do so!

ALL can be made better too if wanted, same with most rifles today!
if you plan to keep the rifle forever and don't mind the added costs, buy the 700, in a better trim level
if not, its a coin toss maybe between the two cheaper lines IMO
the Mossberg wins the war on custom like looks?
both are cheaper made rifles however! don't expect the best of anything on them!
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The remmy 700 is the top choice of what you listed. The 783, Moss Patriot, Savage Axis, are all "Cheap" rifles... that being said they do a perfectly fine job of killing deer. All should shoot well enough for normal hunting shots. But the 700 is a much better rifle.
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X2 on what Jake said!
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What do you all think of the Ruger All American rifles?
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Ruger American is good for what it is - a good product among its class, which is "budget friendly" rifles. The 783 and Patriot are also in this class. I've handled a few of the Mossberg rifles, nothing pretty about them, like anything in their class, but each one I have handled has been a sub-MOA rifle, one of which was a half minute rifle with factory loads - which WAS in 243win.

The Rem 700, for all intents and purposes, is the Gold Standard by which all other bolt actions are measured. There are many flavors of 700's out there, but they generally share common traits for accuracy and reliability. A guy might comment the 700 is uninteresting, since they're everywhere, but they're everywhere because they're good rifles.

Personally, I would save up a little and get a 700 of a little higher grade, OR, I'd buy a lower end 700 model and plan on some aftermarket upgrades. If you don't mind a blind magazine, a 700 ADL can be bought for about $400, restocked for $100-150, bedded and trigger adjusted for about $100... Get about $600-700 into a 700 and you'll get a rifle together which will make you very happy.
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all of my high powered rifles are remingtons. one is a model 721, and the rest are 700s. one of the model 700 is a 243 varmit. shoots great. I had a standard 700 in 243 years ago and it shoot almost as well. if I was buying a 243 it would be a Remington 700.
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Thanks for the info. Reason why I'm asking is my 13 yr old grandson is working this summer to purchase his first rifle in 7mm-08. So I'm trying to get him some ideas from you guys instead of what the guy behind the counter at Cabella's told him. Basically the guy told him to forget Remington as they are not what they use to be in finish and quality and that he could look at either Ruger or Savage??
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