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7mm vs 300 win vs 28 nosler

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Originally Posted by stalkingbear
Gee Golly!!!!!!! After reading a BUNCH of posts online on different groups/pages/forums, I'm going to have to throw most of my ol homemade guns in the trash! All anybody has to do is ask a question and they'll get a LOT more answers varying as widely as possible. It pisses me off that I have to throw away my whole collection and start over again every time I read a bunch of posts online! If not for this I might have became a multimillionaire!
LOL I totally missed this post SB!!! Danged if I aint right alongside ya bud! Hell I only have 5 rifles made in this century!! The rest are from 1864-1973. Except for a few custom builds off actions 60+ years old. I guess all them old rifles are junk even though every single one of them that shoot (a few are wall hanger military rifles) and shoot dang well! I have several rifles made pre 70 that I would match up against ANY factory rifle made today. Some German built, Some Belgium, Some American, and Some English. Rifles today just don't measure up in my LONG experience of shooting. It's pretty damn sad when you have to spend 2500+ on a damn rifle just to get a rifle that you could have gotten the same quality in a STANDARD factory made rifle 50 years ago from the Winchester factory for a couple hundred bucks and a smile! Even more sad is the fact that these kids today think the quality is better today!! Bunch of plastic junk with absolutely no care for detail of craftsmanship!
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I prefer a 30 cal so the 300 WM would get the nod for me. 7 mag would be second.
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If you reload I would say a 28 Nosler, just because I like to be different lol but in my eyes 300 win mag and 7mm mag will be 6 in one hand half dozen in the other. Both ammo you can find everywhere, both do great out to long range. If you don't reload and still want to poke at distance I would look and see which one has a better bullet selection in factory ammo at shooting at distance. Both have been proven time and time again....

But in all honesty if it is for elk and deer under 400 yards I would just pick something like a 30-06 or something along those lines. To me, with bullet technology, you won't reap the benefits of a magnum caliber unless you are hunting at extended ranges and reload. Because today you have stuff like Hornady Superformance that is pushing a 180gr bullet at 2820 fps and compared to 300 win mag Hornady standard factory load the 180 gr bullet is going 2960. Not much of a difference for me to justify buying a 300 win mag unless you reload.

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