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Concealed Carry Gun?

Old 02-27-2017, 05:23 PM
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I guess "almost" depends on how you rate something. If you think something must be 95% plus to be almost as good, then probably not. If you're realistically trading size and some performance for concealability (your requirements may vary from situation to situation), then it could be considered "almost" as good. If it's the difference between being able to carry CCW or not, the a small .380 might just fit the bill.

In the site testing I referred to earlier (scroll to the bottom of the link I posted), they had these results:

Hornady 90 grn FTX Critical Defense .380 ammo—14.1” penetration, .39” expansion and 910 FPS. Some expanded as much as .63” but didn’t penetrate to that ideal 12-18” per FBI standards.

The new Winchester 147 grn Ranger T series 9mm ammo has 16.5” penetration, .74” expansion at 941 FPS but that is an exception in 9mm ammo as most only expand in the .40’s/.50’s”.

Most of the .40S&W ammo reliably expands to .60’s/.70’s” while staying in the FBI preferred penetration zone (12-18”).

The new Winchester 230 grn Ranger T series .45 ammo penetrates 14.5” and expands to an amazing 1.0” while moving at 900 FPS. That’s truly impressive. But most of the .45 ammo available expands to somewhere between .40’s to .80’s.

Now full disclosure, I pack a .45 for duty and before that always carried a 40. I like big bullets but can tell you from personal experience that larger calibers don't always stop a bad guy in his tracks. 12 gauge buckshot or slugs work much better as do certain rifle bullets. But we're talking pistols and CCW here. And as always, the OP like the rest of us will have to make his best decision based upon his particular CCW needs which can vary by situation to situation.
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Old 02-28-2017, 08:20 PM
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While the ruger doesn't fit my hands, My father, mother, and sister all have one, and all carry them regularly. My dads has had allot of rounds through it with no issues. He regularly carries it while bicycling, hiking, and even running. For small size, and cost, you really can't beat the Ruger.
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Old 03-01-2017, 09:00 AM
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Originally Posted by Nomercy448
Matt - what is the minimum Taylor Factor (the formula you use) for defense cartridges? I can stack up energy numbers against your 9mm to show it's inferior to a .357sig, and then further the Sig is inferior to a .40 (Taylor factor), which itself is inferior to a 45, which is inferior to a .44mag... But we started with a 9oz pistol which is easily managed and ended up at a full frame revolver weighing nearly 3lbs with recoil said to be the maximum manageable limit for most shooters... All with 5 simple numbers...

The entire .380 vs 9mm, 9mm vs. 45, 45acp vs 44mag debate structure is flawed. You can always stack the cards to show the more powerful cartridge is more powerful...

What isn't readily told by these numbers, is the minimum requirement for killing the affected target. Nobody is surprised to be reminded a 9mm is more powerful than a .380 - but it's not really pertinent when a .380 is "enough".

Sometimes a bigger hammer is needed, sometimes a bigger hammer is just heavier and harder to swing.
I agree with what you are saying. Numbers are just numbers.

Looking at how this thread has became a power debate I think it is a disservice to the OP. First and foremost I would recommend a reliable CC firearm because it's vital that it goes bang everytime the trigger is pulled. And then it has to be comfortable to the individual shooter where they can be proficient with it.
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The Springfield XDs in 45 is right down your alley, and about as good as it gets! To ME, the XD/XDs/XDm model lines are superior to Glocks, for MY uses due to the no dry fire field strip, match grade barrel of the XDm/XDs, the PERFECT grip angle (what Glock TRIED to do), and the grip safety that you never notice but easily depressed when grabbing/holding it as if you're getting ready to fire it. If you want a lot of firepower for true pocket carry, the Kahr CM-40 s almost the size of most .380s, and ever smaller than some, but shooting the potent .40 S&W round, which is WAYYY above .380 effectiveness. It's NOT a fun gun for the range, but will easily do the job and you don't have that nagging doubt in the back of your about it's effectiveness like if you were carrying .380 or .32. ANY gun carried in the pocket HAS to be in a pocket holster!!!!!!!!!!! Other wise it WILL get all kinds of pocket lint in it, and possibly make it non functional, and/or it WILL turn to a angle that makes it all but impossible to draw even fairly decently fast.
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Thanks for all the good info guys. Appreciate it!
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Rob, let us know what you decided and why. It will be helpful to anybody else reading this topic and trying to make a similar decision.
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I carry the Smith and Wesson M&P Shield .45 and LOVE IT!!! S&W got it right with this one. Shoots straight and recoil is not bad. The pistol is very comfortable to carry.
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I have a G-30 and I really like it the little I've actually fired it. What i don't like is the weight with a fully loaded magazine. I wish the 30 SF were around when I got the G-30.

What I carry everywhere and I wouldn't trade it for anything is a little Sig P938.
I bought a S&W M&P 45 Shield a little over a month ago. I haven't carried it and don't know if I will.

Anyone wanting a Shield S&W from 4/1 thru 6/30 is offering a 75.00 rebate on the 9mm ,40 cal and 45 Shields. The bodyguard 380's have a 50.00 mail in rebate. I wish I had waited buying my Shield.
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I have the G30SF and have carried it for several years. I probably have over a thousand rounds through it and it shoots well. It also carries well in a belt holster or gun bag.
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Pretty rare weapon, not much fun to shoot at all really but its not for fun. It was discontinued because limp wristing was regularly mistaken for malfunctions.

9+1 capacity 40 S&W in a very small package
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