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Default 7mm-08

Have been thinking of purchasing a 7mm-08 for some time now since a friend of mine in TX loves his & I got to shoot it when I was down there hunting. Main purpose is VA whitetail deer hunting w/ maybe a trip out West for Antelope or Mule deer. Please tell me about this caliber. How is bullet selection (I don't handload)?
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Default lists 28 different loads for this round. Most are 140 gr. bullets for deer and a 120 for pronghorn/deer. They also have the Hornady 139 gr. GMX that can pull double duty on elk. Also listed is a 150 gr. Speer Hot Cor and Nosler 160 gr. Accu Bond, either of which should work on elk. Though I don't own this round, much reading on it shows it to have a good combination of trajectory and velocity making it very effective for your purposes.
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Hornady bullets I have shot are 139 grain Interlock and SST factory ammo. The SST's are flatter shooting and designed to expand more than the Interlock, which I prefer for superior penetration. I have also shot Remington 140 grain ammo. Around here it is very common and easy to find at any box store or LGS
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I think you'll love the 7mm-08. For 95% of deer hunters it's a "perfect" choice You shouldn't have any problem finding ammo for it. Our local shop stocks several options.
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I have one and I also love this round!!! Remington CDL... MOA rifle and what more can I ask for and in a pinch you can use 308 brass for reloading if need be
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I have 2 7mm08's a small Remington Model 7 I have set up for hunting UP cedar swamps, A Remington 700 mountain rifle set up to hunt deer long distances across cranberry bogs and on the beach.
I hand load a 120gr, Sierra HPBT game king over a charge of IMR 4350. Fine cartridge low recoil, yet does a excellent job on harvesting deer.
You can use 308 brass 243 and 260 also if you can't find 7mm08 brass. I've never had a problem.

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I owned a 7-08 back in the early 90s, let it get away & I regretted it far to long... until this summer! I now once again have a 7-08 & this one AINT goin away. It's a Sav 11 with a 2x7 Redfield Revo, I had the barrel cut down to 18" & the entire rig (including sling) weighs just a couple ounces over 7#. I have 2 safes full of rifles but in my west TN swamp the main two are my 1968 Marlin 336RC 35R (Gdads hand me down) & if the weathers bad, then the 7-08 Savie gets the call out. (Before that I typically used my Rem Cust. Shop 280 but it's much longer & heavier than the Sav)

There are 4 hunters regularly on my place, including myself. All 4 of us are now shooting 7-08s. (My youngest son "commandeered" my 7-08 7600 I was putting together for myself a couple of years ago) The 120 TTSX Barnes VorTx will bore through any buck standing! We've likewise used 140 CoreLokts from Rem & the 139 Interlock Hornady. A couple of weeks ago I bought a box of 140 Federal Fusion just for trials sake but haven't whacked anything with them yet.

With 140 & lighter bullets, the 7-08 matches the trajectory & power of the 270 Win so if that doesn't classify it as a "flat shooter", then I don't know what does! As is typical with short rounds, performance & "oomph" drops off as you put heavier bullets in it. Obviously if you want to sling 160-175 weight pills at elk with a 7mm then the 280 & any of the 7mags will push them harder. But that weight isn't needed with 140-150grn monolithic bullets like the Barnes, Federal Trophy Copper, Nosler E-tip, Hornady GMX etc...

7-08s are typically EXTREMELY accurate, suffer little to no velocity loss with shorter (20"-22") barrels & the caliber has become popular enough that many mfgrs offer it in many variations. As was stated, ammo selections are quite diverse as well. Personally I think it's as close to perfect as you can get for a deer caliber that might likewise see occasional use on larger game. How many sheep, moose, elk, caribou have been taken with the 308 Win? The 7-08 will do ANYTHING the 308 will do & it does it in a flatter shooting platform!

The "modernized 7mm Mauser",

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I've owned & shot 7mm08s for YEARS and in MY opinion, the 7mm08 is THE most perfect all-round whitetail cartridge ever designed! The 7mm08 is at it's best with quality 139-140 gr bullet loads such as Nosler or the like. Usually extremely accurate, and the recoil is so mild my daughter used 1 when she started out deer hunting at the ripe old age of 11 and got both 1 shot clean kills!
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I'm prone to believe that the .243win is the most efficient whitetail cartridge available - in other words, it's plenty more than enough to be enough. The 7-08 then is just a little more "enough" since it spits bigger pills. It's just right on Muley's and not too much on pronghorn.

Factory ammo supply is good for the 7-08 - even the walmarts around here carry it, and they don't even carry firearms anymore.

For a reloader, there are boatloads of brass and parent brass to be had, and plenty of 7mm pills to choose from for different applications.

If they ever find a cure for magnumitis, I'd probably sell off all of my long actions and just be happy with a few rifles 223rem, 7-08, and 338fed. Thank God Magnumitis is terminal!
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& coolB have you chosen a rifle yet? If not, there are 2 particular pkgs that I know to be GREAT pkgs & they offer ALOT for the $$$. The Savage 11 Trophy Hunter pkg comes with a Nikon Prostaff 3x9x40 with BDC reticle for around $500. Ruger has an "American Pkg" with their American bolt action topped with a Redfield Revolution 3x9x40 with Accu-Range reticle (The Revo is American built & lifetime backed by Leupold!) I've seen that rig on sale for under $500 as well.

2 of the 7-08s in our camp are just as above. My Sav 11 (which wears a 2x7 Revo) & my sons huntn bud has an American with a 4x12 Revo. They both shoot "lights out", are tough, easy carrying & a ton of gun for the $$$. Both my youngest son & his bud started out with Weatherby Vanguard Youths (243), I likewise REALLY LIKE the Vgards! A Vgard Compact is a DANDY rifle that can be had for under $500 & will do anything you ask of it as well. (Howa builds them in Japan for Wby)

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