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Please help me decide if it's worth it.

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Default Please help me decide if it's worth it.

Really, I need help deciding. I have a Mossberg 30-06 Wooden Stock. Weighs a TON. Not a problem until I go Public Hunting 5-7 days a year only. I mostly Bow hunt, and I have leases that are minimum walking, but.....on those 5-7 days on public land, I am dying as I Lug it 1 to 2 miles each way each day, even though I have a Slogan multi position rubber sling.

Mossberg offers a composite stock for $100, no gunsmith needed to replace it. Now my question: Is is worth it for me to buy it and replace the stock? Or should I just suck it up and save the $$?

Any comments are appreciated.
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Only you can make that decision. You will have more recoil with a lighter stock. Quite frankly, I have never handled a rifle except a bull barrel bench gun that weighs so much I would worry about slinging it and walking 2 miles. I am predjudiced though as I do not like plastic gunstocks.
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How much weight would that stock save you? Generally, a minimal weight savings would amount to minimal benefit. A moderate difference would be more noticeable and beneficial.
How old are you and what is your physical condition? Do you think a little weight training would benefit you? As it is, the older you get, the less you will hunt w/that rifle, most likely.
There are other rifle options if necessary.
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I carry a scoped Swiss K31 as my hunting rifle. With the scope it goes over 10 pounds. Compared with the other gear I'm usually carrying it's not too bad. Slung, I frankly don't notice the weight. I've carried it in the mountains, elk hunting and to countless deer stands. One thing about a heavy rifle, other than the reduced recoil, as mentioned, is that it helps steady my aim. The weight helps keep it solid on target.
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I do not own any Mossberg rifles but your question made me curious enough to look at the Mossberg synthetic stock. It is an injection molded hollow polymer that weighs about 4 ounces less than the walnut stock. If weight is critical and 4 ounces makes the difference then do it. However, if it was me making the choice I would choose a good stiff walnut stock over a flexible synthetic any day. I believe that you would be best served by keeping that $100 in your wallet.
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Composite isn't that bad and there are other composites that are lighter than that one. And if recoil ever becomes and issue put a muzzle brake on it. It'll still kick like a mule but your vertical recoil will be greatly reduced. I've packed a heavy old gun for years till I used and packed a nozzler custom of my uncles. And it's a no brainer but if your only hunting once a year with your rifle you may end up just having to dig a little deeper and keep packing the canon. Only thing that really matters is if you can hit your target and that your enjoying yourself in gods country if your miserable lugging the heavy rifle then hang it up and find you something significantly lighter. Pounds lighter cause you'll never notice the weight difference. 100 bucks doesn't go far anymore I'd comepare your rifle weight with the stock on then weigh your stock and compare your exact stock to the composites you find and see if you can trim some serious weight down cause without a big difference buyers remorse may very well set in.
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Thanks for replies. I am very out of shape and have been spoiled by short walks the rest of the season. I am a dead on shot with this rifle and I enjoy the whole experience. I was hoping the composite would be the quick fix, but from y'alls research, 4 ounces is just not worth it to me. I will just stick it out. My physical condition and lack of exercise is the bigger problem here, you guys nailed it. Thanks again for the responses, they really helped me open my eyes. I hear "eye of the tiger" playing in the background.
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Glad they answered your question, the getting in shape would have been my first suggestion. After all, the few pounds that rifle is will be nothing when your dragging out a deer.
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So if you know you're not in shape and need to exercise to make it easier on yourself, why not start and stay on a program to improve your physical condition? It will not only make your hunting more enjoyable, but also your everyday life will be better and extended! Instead of worrying about the weight of your rifle, take some weight off your body! I'll be 68 in a few weeks, am 5'10' and 164# with a 33" waist and the last thing I think about is the weight of the rifle over my shoulder and I'm probably walking anywhere from 4-8 miles a day in the Wyoming mountains every year and will be for two months again this Fall. It's not that hard if you just get into a routine and stick with it.

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