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duckslayer82 02-10-2015 08:49 AM

308 Marlin express
Came across one of these at a good deal but know very little about them. Does anyone know about these or what ammo is best. All I have found was 150 gr rem corelokt and 160 Hornady revolution. Will be a deer rifle

Topgun 3006 02-10-2015 10:57 AM

That's the only factory ammo available for them to the best of my knowledge. I really don't know why they made that cartridge when you can get the tried and true regular .308 that it was made to duplicate and not have to worry about it ever going out of production or being able to get ammo for it. It may go the way of the Dodo Bird and then you better be or get into reloading if you want to use it if they quit making ammo for it.

UncleNorby 02-10-2015 12:56 PM

If it's a good deal, check it for function, etc (even better if you can test fire it). If it checks out, buy it.

I reload, so I'd also buy a set of dies so I didn't have to worry about ammo. If you're not interested in reloading, and don't have a friend that does it, you may end up selling it in the future if ammo gets scarce or they stop making it all together. But in the meantime you can enjoy a nice lever action rifle in a pretty nice deer cartridge.

Bbj270 02-10-2015 03:46 PM

I e a feeling it's going to be like the 307 winchester not many people ever heard of it in a couple of years. I would get all the ammo and brass and a set of reloading dies if you get it.

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