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If you had a 30-06 and won a 270 would u keep it?

Old 07-22-2014, 05:27 PM
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Default If you had a 30-06 and won a 270 would u keep it?

I was at a gun drawing which I have never had luck at one before. Well I got lucky this time and won a 270 Ruger American. I like the rifle but I don't really know if I will use it. I have a Marlin XL7 in 30-06 that my wife gave me for our anniversary 3 years ago and I really love the rifle. I know its not a top of the line rifle but it shoots great and is very reliable hasn't let me down. I only use it for deer and coyotes. Does the 270 shoot that much flatter then a 30-06? I don't hunt in open country probably my longest shot is 100 yards at most. Plus I have deer hunted with a shot gun most my life and our area just went rifle 3 years ago so just about any rifle I use seems like a laser gun compared to my slug gun. I thought about trading both the ruger and marlin in on a tikka but I don't think I could give up the marlin cause of the sentimental value plus the wife would kill me. So that's outta the question. So my choices are to keep the ruger as a back up, or sell it or trade it in on a 50 cal muzzle loader cause I don't have one of those and it would expand my deer season. I just don't think I will get a lot for the ruger cause brand new there about 350.00 so im leaning towards just keeping it and switching off between the marlin and ruger.
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Keep it, and get the Wife to join you. She can use one, and you the other.
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He said it already;

Very little else does one really "need" !

.22 rimfire, if you got one .

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Yup got the 22 rim fires and shot guns covered. Looks like I'm going to be going scope shopping.
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I can't see a scenario where getting a new rifle is a bad thing.

Hunting season starts tomorrow and you just found out your 30/06 has a problem of some sort. No big deal if you have a back-up rifle. Major headache if you don't.
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270 does shoot flatter than the 30 06. As for practical purposes, you won't see any difference in performance on game. If you like the 06, then trade the 270 for something that you really want.
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"If you had a 30-06 and won a 270 would u keep it?"

That also happened to me a number of years ago, and I kept the .270. I worked up a load for it, but have never taken it hunting. It basically became a safe queen.

Like others posted, if you don't have a use for it, it might be best to trade it for something that you will shoot more.
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Keep it have 8 3006 and 3 270. Never can have enough.
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No to the op. I'd sell and get something (or use the money toward ) I don't have but want.
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If I were to keep just one, I'd ditch the .270. Although there's nothing wrong with a .270, the very simple fact that your wife gave you the .30-06 to honor an important day with something she knew you'd like is a treasure unto itself. No such importance or significance is assigned to that .270.

But from a practical perspective, while the .270 is slightly flatter shooting, it's not so much flatter shooting that the .30-06 will be a liability. If you can't hit it with a .30-06, you're not going to hit it with the .270 either. You're limited in what the .270 will throw, while a .30-06 can chew through everything from 110 gr varmint bullets to 220 grain bone-crushers and everything in-between.

Were it me, I'd swap the .270 out for something in a different cartridge and game class. A .223 or a .243 would be first on my list. If you go bigger, you'd really have to start at the .338 WM to gain appreciably over the .30-06.

The .30-06 is a superb, all-around chambering. Your wife chose well.
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