Guns Like firearms themselves, there's a wide variety of opinions on what's the best gun.


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another tool you can use, utube has product reviews of most firearms i am using the remington 770 in 30-06 and after a new scope and freefloating the barrel i am very pleased with it, i have heard bad things about the 770 but it all comes down to personal prefference, if you have a retailer that will allow it try out some different ones and find one you like and are comfortable with
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I have two newer 700s. One is a BDL Deleux in 270, and the other is a Sportsman LSS ADL in 30-06. Other than the trigger recall I have no complaints. My dad has a Savage 110 that is also an excellent shooting rifle.
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A partner in my law firm went on a "Long Range Shooting" training course over two days on a weekend. They shot out to 600 yards. He used a Remington ADL .30-06 and was shooting about 0.5" groups at 100 yards. He said everything stayed pretty tight (proportionally, which is the best you can hope for) out to 600 yards.

You can buy more expensive guns, but your probably won't get one that materially enhances your hunting success relative to a Remington 700 ADL in .30-06.

I have one of these Remington 700 ADLs myself. I prefer my Springfield .30-06 with a beautiful handmade walnut wood stock that my father made (he bought a military .30-06 and lifted the action and barrel). It is beautiful. It has sentimental value. BUT . . . I have no illusion that the Springfield is more likely to kill my elk for me than if I instead carried my Remington 700 ADL. My ADL also shoots well -- less than 1" groups at 100 yards.
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Thumbs up 30-06

Really as far as make of rifle you will buy, Will cost be a problem.? The starter rifle line up, will be around $400.00 and under. Jump up to the next level and your at $ 600.00 and up. But 30-06 cal is the way to go.
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I've only shot two 30-06s, a friends remington 700 and my savage 111.

Both feel great and shoot great. 30-06 is a great round as all these other guys have posted about.

I think it's a good idea to head to whatever sporting goods place is nearest you and handle a few different brands of rifles to see which you prefer.
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I also agree that the .30-06 is a good cartridge for deer and elk, and for most other North American game animals and most African plains game animals.

I started hunting elk when I was going to college and lived in Northwestern Colorado. Back then, resident deer and elk tags were over the counter, and for 10 years, I easily killed my mule deer and elk every year with my Herters .30-06.

I've had 3 Rem 700 rifles. All are accurate, and have been on African hunts at least once. One was an ADL, the other 2 are BDLs. I prefer the BDL because of the ease of unloading with the floor plate, although I don't like Remington's cheaply made aluminum floor plate. I also like the 2 position side safety.

Gun fit is also important, but stocks can be modified to better fit the shooter.

Recoil can also be reduced with proper gun fit, a better recoil pad, an in-stock recoil reducer, and/or a muzzle brake. Some cartridges, like the .30-06, are also available in reduced recoil loads, and lighter bullet weights will recoil less. By handloading you can also make reduced recoil loads.

Howa and Weatherby Vanguard rifles are also good and are inexpensive.
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