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McWhorter Custom Rifles

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Hey RR there may be another no name builder pretty soon if I can sell my Kubota...
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Originally Posted by jeepkid
Hey RR there may be another no name builder pretty soon if I can sell my Kubota...
good deal, you owe me so I expect "CHEAP"!
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Default McWhorter Rifles

I own four rifles McWhorter built for me about ten to fifteen years ago. They are chambered in 300 RUM, 7 RUM, 220 Swift, and 6 ppc. I also own a 280 Improved built by Kenny Jarrett that never shot worth a damn until I had Tim put a new barrel on it and fix the bedding on the stock.

I own a number of other rifles built by well known smiths, some more expensive and some less than McWhorter's but my favorite rifles were all built by Tim. Every one the guns he built me shoots 1/4 moa or better. Of the ten other custom guns I own, the only one that shoots close to 1/4 is a 7mm STW built by Jarrett.

I am not saying that nobody can build a better gun than Tim or that Tim is the best smith in the world or that you might not find a guy who can build a better gun for 1/3 the price. All I'm saying is that from my own experience, McWhorter builds a damn good rifle EVERY time, and that is pretty rare. When he built my 300 RUM, he re-barreled it three times (at his own cost) before he was satisfied with its performance. It took forever to get it, and it wasn't cheap, but it is my favorite rifle and was totally worth the money it cost.

I know there are other builders out there that have the same kind of reputation, and you might find one that does it for significantly less money than McWhorter, I haven't looked recently so I can't say.

For what its worth, my advice is to save up for a couple extra months (if you have to) and go with a smith who has a solid reputation and a good guarantee. You'll spend a good bit more money up front but you'll know that the gun won't be sent to you until it's shooting 1/4" or better. Plus, you'll have all the load development work done for you.
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Both the rounds you seem to like are well respected and will do what you want.
Your not going to find factory ammo for either one in a small gun shop in la la land so you will need to reload to have a good supply of rounds on hand.

I would take the 7mm STW my self just because I like the 7mm's.

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I have a McWorter 6.5x285 and this is undoubtably the best shooting rifle I have ever shot. I know that it is a lot of money, but i believe that you get a fair return for your money. It's true that you could work up a load for your rifle yourself and sight it in yourself, but this was one of the reasons I went with them. They take the time to work up the load and sight it in for long range shooting and they also give you the load they have developed for your particular rifle. As for the recoil, this is a non factor since the barrel has a muzzle brake, but you will need a good set of hearing protectors.
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