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Best 7mm mag and scope to buy

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Default Best 7mm mag and scope to buy


Im going to be buying my first hunting rifle and would like some advise. I am certain I want to go with a 7mm magnum. That is the gun that the guy I am hunting with is going to be using and who will also be teaching how to shoot. I also would like to know what the best scope setup will be for the gun you recommend. I will be going black bear,deer, and elk hunting in in Eastern Oregon. Price range $1000- for rifle, $700- for scope. If you could give me specific rifle details that would be great, not just "get a Remington 700 7mm mag"
Below I added some links of some rifles I have been looking at.. any advise would be great. Thank you


I have been calling around gun shops in my area and most are out of stock of the 7mm magnums you have been suggesting. This local shop Northwest Armory is probably going to be where Im going to purchase the gun.. they have the largest selection of available rifles at there warehouse i can just have it shipped to my local shop and have them install the scope and such.. If any of you guys have time could you look at this website and choose the best 7mm magnum and scope. . explain why you think its the best... whatever you guys choose Im probably going to go with that. Price range now $1000- for rifle, $700- for scope.
Thanks for the help!
Here is the website:

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With guns and scopes, "you get what you pay for". Buy the best you can afford and you won't be disappointed. You seem to be set on a Remington. Buy one of the better models. I've heard that some of the lower end models have quality control problems. As far as scopes, you can't go wrong with Leupold. Although there are other brands that are good quality as well. I just know Leupold. Look for something in the 2x7 or 3x9 power range. For close shooting, it's good to have a low power option.
BTW, welcome to the forum.
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Beware of internet advice! However, since you have asked...

A Remington 700 is a very good rifle (the QC talk is just internet chatter - like Bigfoot). The biggest difference between the various 700 models is in the stock. The model that comes with the stiffest stock would be my choice. One of the great things about the 700 is all of the aftermarket options. If you buy one and later want to replace the stock there are many excellent choices and it is very easy to do. The 700 is a good choice.

If you think you will be hunting in wet conditions you should probably at least consider a rifle in stainless.

The Winchester Extreme Weather is another rifle to consider. It costs more than a 700, and it can be difficult to find, but they are also a good choice.

I don't think you can find a bad scope in the $300 - $500 price range. I would look at variable scopes with a top end of no more than 10X, a low of somewhere around 3X, and a 40mm objective. As previously stated the US scope manufacturer Leupold would be a fine choice. Don't forget to budget a few bucks for very good quality rings and bases for that scope.

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That last rifle in 7mm stw would be a good choice ammo would be limited so a good choice if you reload or now some that reloads. But any of those rifle would be fine.
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Default 7mm

You couldn't go wrong with a Remington 700 BDL or CDL In 7mm Rem Mag. Scope Leupold VX 1 or VX2 in 2-9 or 4-12 x 40. My son, Grandson, and Myself shoot 7 Rem. mag and use Remington Express ammo in 150 gr. core locked bullets. Nothing but success. Ammo isn't hard to find even now. I saw some last eve. at Wall Mart. And all that should be in your price range. Also use good bases and rings like Leupold.
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Most modern hunting rifles will out shoot their owner's.

Put MOST of your budget into the scope, bases & rings.

Once you look/handle a few of them, tell us which you are considering ?
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Remington's reputation aside.
The best shooting 7mm that you can buy, is the one that fits YOU the best.
Go to a gun store and handle several, from as many different manufacturers as they have available. I have a Ruger, and love it. My father shoots a Browning BAR, it doesn't fit me as well and my accuracy with it shows. DO NOT restrict yourself to certain makers.

Buy a QUALITY scope.

The 7mm will out shoot you, with a good gun and scope combo.
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Originally Posted by Sheridan
Most modern hunting rifles will out shoot their owner's.

Put MOST of your budget into the scope, bases & rings.

Once you look/handle a few of them, tell us which you are considering ?
+1. I would be more apt to flip your budget. $1000 scope and $400 gun (or something close) That really opens your options for both unless you're looking for a wall hanger gun. I put a Zeiss Conquest on a TC Venture in 7mm mag last year for around $900 total. MOA guarantee, fits well, and shoots well.
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I've got 2 Remington Model 700s in 7mm Rem Mag. One I inherited from my father and he got it in 1962 when the cartridge was first introduced. I got mine when I was 13 which would be in 1976. I don't know how many heads of game the 2 rifles have taken but it is at least 300. My rifle has been used in 13 states, 2 Canadian Provinces and has gone to Africa 5 times. Dad's rifle has been used in 8 or 9 states, Canada and Africa. I've never had a problem with either and am not really sure where all the Remington bashing comes from. Both rifles wear Leupold 3x9 scopes.

If I was looking for a rifle in 7mm, I'd go to one of the big stores and handles as many different brands of rifles I can. They don't have to be 7mm just to get a feel of them. If they are in 30-06 or 300 Win Mag they will be about the same as the 7mm simply for handling. See which brand fits you best and which one you like the most. Chances are there will be 1 or 2 brands you really like and 1 or 2 that feel like a club in your hands. Make your choice based on that.

By the way, for what it is worth, the advice of spending a little more on the scope and a little less on the rifle is pretty sound advice. Better optics will make you a better shot. You can hit better if you can see better.
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Originally Posted by Sheridan

Put MOST of your budget into the scope, bases & rings.

I disagree. It is easy to get a very good scope for $400. The top end scopes are better, but not that much that it would make a real difference to the average guy. A good solid clear scope with a great warranty can easily be had in the OP's original budget.

It is fashionable on the internet to advise guys to buy "alpha" scopes such as Swarovski. top end Zeiss (not the entry-level Zeiss), S&B, etc., but I don't think many practice what they preach. I'd bet that most who give that advice have a very good Burris, very good Nikon, very good Leupold, etc. on their own rifles.

A $1,000 scope on a $400 rifle is does not make any sense to me. If you want to spend extra, spend it on a big pile of practice ammo.

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