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270 ammo

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Default 270 ammo

Hello, I live in CT and am putting this up for anyone who lives in the area. I have some brand new boxes of Winchester ballistic silvertip, Winchester power point, and Federal power shok all in 270win 130gr. I bought the ammo just because the store had it and I never used it so they are all brand new boxes of 20. So if somebody lives in the area and wants it just send me a PM and we can move on from there.

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Buying ammo "just because the store had it" is the reason many can't find what they need. We can blame the feds or manufacturers but the reality is this type of thinking is the reason we have a shortage.
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I don't think 3 boxes is hurting anybody. In fact I only have 2 boxes of the ammo I use specifically saving it for other people. I could have bought 10 but I didn't because I know I only needed 2. The only reason I bought these is because I couldn't find the ammo I normally use and was totally out. And now because I don't need it I am giving someone the opportunity to have it. So please don't post comments like this when you don't know the whole story. Thank you
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You should post this in the classified section
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If you want to save it for someone else, leave it on the shelf. That's why places like Walmart have notices limiting ammo purchases.
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Originally Posted by GTX63
If you want to save it for someone else, leave it on the shelf. That's why places like Walmart have notices limiting ammo purchases.
***Yep, now that he has them he should use them himself!!! Otherwise, as you guys are saying, they shouldn't have been purchased. If everyone has that mentality that "3 boxes won't hurt anyone", it's no wonder the stores are out of a lot of stuff!!!

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Originally Posted by Ridge Runner
the local store posted a sign that they had a new ammo shipment in, so I checked it out for some 22 ammo, not out, not low but figured I'd check it out just because I been reading how scarce it is, they had 4 50 round boxes of win. hp's, 13.99 for 50, WTH? 30 cents a pop for 22 shells, they need to put the crack pipe away!!!!
I haven't seen any 22lr ammo since around Christmas time...I don't currently need any, but I always look to see if it has returned to the shelves...I hear Cabelas just got a huge shipment in and they have 223 on the shelves again (as of this weekend)...we'll see how long it lasts.
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We'll be lucky if it all comes back to regular status by the next election. Obama the worlds best sporting goods seller. I'd call that a back fire for the dems.
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Sold a brick of 22s to a neighbor in need,at cost. Bricks acquired over the years at sales.
That said,when buying center fire ammo i prefer to buy multiple boxes from same lot,picky but want most consistency possible. Fortunately have not needed more ina long time.
But if some one is buying, hey its a market, regardless of why they buy.
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