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Default Shotgun?

Hey yall, first post in a while. Lookin to get a new shotgun this summer, somethin relatively cheap that I can use for many purposes Deer, Turkey, Duck.. any suggestions?
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Try the Mossberg 500, 12 Ga. pump Wally World has then for about 250.00, or check the local pawn shops. I have one that I traded for, and it ain't pretty but I don't mind dragging it thru the swamp, briar patches etc. I have a beautiful Winchester that I will not do that to it. The main thing about a shotgun (or rife etc.) it to get the projectile from point a to point b where you aim it.
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Many years back I picked up a 20 gauge Winchester 1300 pump shotgun at Wal Mart. It was not all that expensive. And it came with wind chokes. The 20 gauge shoots 3 inch shells and because of the tight pattern would be good on moderate range turkey. I know it works good on grouse and pheasants. Also squirrels and rabbits but not much challenge there. I never tried slugs out of it. So I can not comment there. My friend has the same model but in 12 gauge. I think that would make a fine shotgun. I don't know what that model sells for now or even if it is still made, but I have had excellent luck with the shotgun.
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I also agree on the Mossberg 500 combo, or the 535 which allows you to shoot up 3.5" shells
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If it were me, I'd get a Mossberg 500 combo gun, with a smoothbore barrel that accepts accu-chokes and a slug barrel. For the slug barrel, I believe you can still get a smoothbore with rifle sights, and these will shoot rifled slugs and hybrid slugs just fine out to 75-100 yds. Or, you could go with a rifled slug barrel which will shoot sabot slugs and gain up to 75 or so more yards in effective range, especially with a scope. The barrel with the cantilever mount is the one to get if you plan to scope it.

My 500 came with the smoothbore slug barrel and it shoots very well. If you typically expect to shoot less than 75 yards at deer, I'd go that way because rifled slugs cost a fraction of what you'll pay for sabot slugs.

My 500 is going on 22 years old, and has never had a problem. There are guys who could say the same about a Winchester 1300 or a Remington 870, but I think the Mossberg is the more economical choice, if that matters to you.
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One of these combo packs would be your best bet-
Mberg 500 or 835 and Rem 870.
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It depends what you call "relatively cheap"...

The cheapest of cheap, yet respectable, are the Rem 870 Express, Mossberg, aka, Walmart special, $250-350 shotguns. Nothing wrong with these shotguns.

Personally, I'm a huge fan of the Benelli Supernova. I have 5 of them for different purposes, as well as different barrels for a few of them (or really for all of them?). Around here, they run $450ish, and new barrels are anything from $150-400, depending what you want. For me, having $600 in a shotgun is "relatively cheap", since I can't say I have a rifle that's that "cheap", and the shotty's cover WAY more territory than any single rifle I have.

The great part, for me, with the Supernova's is the versatility. They're incredibly lightweight, yet still have very low recoil, even with 3.5" mags (ok, RELATIVELY low recoil), and the modular system makes cleaning a breeze (as well as upgrades, modifications, gunsmithing).
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I use a '97 Browning Gold Hunter, 12/28 for Deer, Dove, Turkey and Duck. This is a perfect all around gun in my opinion. I wouldn't change for anything.
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