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I would go with the old 30-06. Lots of loads and bullets to choose from also.
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A moose, according to ballistic generators require 2000-2500 lbs of energy. A 270win with a 160gr bullet at 200yds is under 2000lbs. The wsm's would be great choice since your going to reload, you can load it lighter or hotter depending on what you going to hunt.
Unless you buy a ultralight rifle recoil isn't any worse than what your use to maybe less. The wsm's have a better following than you think, the 7mm wsm is popular in the competition world. The RSAUM hasn't been chambered for a few years and i can still buy brass for it and even have a bag or two stockpiled. And since you reload all you need is brass and your rifle can live on as long you can stand to load it.

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Originally Posted by Jarrey12
so youre saying i have to have a great shot to go moose hunting? or are you saying i have to have a descent shot cause im no marksman but i can shoot descent i guess i want to know if i have to wait for the perfect shot and make the perfect shot with the 270 wsm or would it be easier to take a moose with the 300 wsm
First of all, a hunter does not have to be an "expert marksman" to take game. However, you should be proficient with any firearm you intend to go hunting with and also you must be proficient at the distance you intend to hunt. In other words, if you intend to hunt Deer,Elk and Moose at distances up to 400 yards, but you only practice at a rifle range that has a maximum shooting distance of 250 yards...... You are going to have one hell of a surprise when you squeeze that trigger in the field. You become proficient at the ranges that you practice at. Thats why we call it practice. You should only shoot from distances that you feel comfortable with that you have practiced from. In other words, a well placed shot is more important than what a rifle is chambered in. If you can't consistently hit decent groupings at the distances you intend to hunt, then I'm sorry to inform you that NO RIFLE, not a .378 Weatherby, Not a .458 Lott, NOTHING will guarantee a kill shot! There is not one single element that increases your odds of harvesting game better than being proficient with your rifle and knowing YOUR rifle's ballistic boundaries.

One thing that has me concerned is your question about hunting Moose. It seems as if you have somehow come to an understanding that you MUST get a .300 Win Mag or LARGER to kill Moose? I don't know who put that idea in your head.

Could you consider for a moment please that there is a great likely hood that Moose meat was put on kitchen tables long before any wildcat or magnum cartridges where ever developed. If so, How did these hunters kill Moose? Elk? Black Bear? In fact, how did they protect themselves from Grizzly Bears back before smokeless powder was created? I guess they are all good questions.

I'm going to go out on a limb here and say that "the little" 30-30 and the 30-06 have likely killed more game in North America than any other round. The funny thing is, the 30-30 was developed in 1895 and the 30-06 was introduced to our military in 1906.....but the most amazing fact is.......The ammo of these two rounds STILL stock the shelves of every gun dealer across America today. In fact , you probably can't find two more POPULAR rounds, that are as readily available and with such a large ammo selection. Well over 100 years have past and hunters STILL use BOTH of these rounds.

Will a .300 Win Mag kill a Moose? You bet it will, but so will a 30-30, .300 savage, 30-06, 257 Roberts, ect. All these rounds by the way, are beginning to be viewed as "inefficient" to most of todays hunters.

Do what you want my friend. But I will tell you this. Unless you are going to be hunting at distances over 360 yards.....You are NOT going to see any difference in the performance of a 30-06 and a 300 Win Mag..... and even then most of those differences are on paper only. You can't kill deader than dead!!!
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If it's a deer and moose gun, then I would vote .270. If it's a deer, moose and elk gun, then I would go 30.06 or 300 wm.
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going with the 270 wsm its a deer and moose gun thanks for the help guys greatly appreciated
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