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hunting with the big .50?

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hunting with the big .50?

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Default RE: hunting with the big .50?

I wasnt going to reply to this topic because i too thought it was getting long winded.I have one question.The 300 weatherby and the 50 bmg have virtually identical bullet drop.What the hell are you people arguing about? Whats behind the target has no bearing on what caliber you are using.
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Default RE: hunting with the big .50?

We are not actually using the 50 to shoot across there. Some would really freak out if
I mentioned what we have used in the old days. I am just sticking up for long range hunter. I will grant the notion that it is in away like live target practice (have been told that before) as the deer do not have a fair chance when you are watching that much realestate HOWEVER I was brought up that if you maim, cripple or wound a deer it was your deer and you had better go finish the job or my grandfather would have thrown you of the mountain. I and my hunting partners in no way "harbor sniper fantasies or are lazy slobs" as previously posted after you shoot that's when the fun ends and the work really begins you are not allowed to use motorized vehicles while hunting in PA and if you were a 4 wheeler wouldnt climb the mountain anyhow. Granted Im sure there are people that fling lead until they do hit and wound something and are just plain to lazy to finish the job. I wonder how many people wound game with slugs or arrows to let them run off and die.
I do know of one fellow that uses a 50 cal he has it necked down to a 30 and will not take a shoot under 1000 yrds he (was and still maybe) the national champ in the 1000 yrd shoot check the regulations to enter that. I to think we need to let this die as everybody has there own opinion and I dont see anybody changing there mind on the way I or someone else hunts and what TOYS we do it with

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Default RE: hunting with the big .50?

About that marine that blew that guys head off. if you're interested, do a search for "Carlos Hathcock." It's a fantastic story.
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Default RE: hunting with the big .50?

Hunting is supposed to be a sport right? Where is the sport in shooting 1000 yards at game. For me half the excitement is trying to sneak up on them. I dont agree with using this thing for hunting at all, half the reason is because there is a lot of, as others have said before, Bubba's out there that would love to attempt some assinine stunt with such a weapon like this. I am not going to classify everyone in this category, but if you remember your school years it is always one or two that ruin it for everyone. I am currently assigned to the regiment that runs the US Army Sniper School, and I know from personal experience, a trained sniper is quite a bit different than your average bubba with a bright idea.

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