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Having custom rifle built....WSM or regular mag?

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its a 243 wssm sorry still a short mag to me my buddys the gun building nut i just shoot them lol
Originally Posted by jeepkid
What .243? A WSSM or is it based on a WSM?
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Originally Posted by joemontana
its a 243 wssm sorry still a short mag to me my buddys the gun building nut i just shoot them lol
Oh peaked my interest at the thought of a .243 WSM...
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I'll take a .300WSM if you please, or a 7mm... If you're shooting 1,000yrd matches, you're not likely shooting either, but there are more and more guys going to a steep shoulder case design, seeing "less finicky" performance for the reloader, as well as allowing the shooter to use a short action, instead of a long action rifle.

I have a .300WSM savage 12 and a sleeved Rem 700 PSS .300WM, my WSM sees a lot more range time these days, as well as pulling duty as my long range deer and coyote "go-to" rifle.

But that's just my 2 cents on the matter, your mileage may vary...
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Default wsm or win.

Ten years ago I had Bruce Baer one of the best gun smiths in the us build me a 300 win. After 8 years of hard recoil I had it rechambered to 300 WSM. 63 1/2 grains of IMR 4350 a Hornady 190 sbt three shot average 3011 fps. 1/2 inch groups 25 in. barrel. 180 sst. 64 1/2 IMR 4350 3076 fps. 3/4 in. group. 150 Ballistic tip 60 gr. Varget 3197
fps. 7/8 in group. The hart barrel has about 2000 rounds on it. The recoil is about 40% less then the win. mag. The gun weight is about 9 1/2 lbs. I will carry this gun for elk till I am too old to climb the mounain. Hope this helps.
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A 9 1/2 lb mountain rifle will make you old before your time ! LOL
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Originally Posted by schoolcraft
This is kinda' a "part 2" of my previous post called Hill Country Rifles.
Contacted Stiller's about their Predator action. Didn't realize they made a stainless/left hand/Predator for short mags.

Got me thinking...... .300 WSM with a 24" barrel. Slightly lighter and shorter than the .300 Winny.....but is it as good of a caliber.

Ballistics on it are impressive, but I'm thinking I've heard it operates at much higher pressure to get those ballistics.

Also heard that the .300 Winny is better for 200gr. and up bullets just from it's case capacity. Seems like I've read the WSM works well with 165's and 180's, but really lags with anything heavier.

Any input would be helpfull. A shorter, lighter rifle that still had PUNCH would be nice, but not if the caliber isn't going to give me much versitility.

Opinions please
their is a big difference between the 2. The WSM will do what the belted mag will do maybe up to 100 fps but not more but only needs 24" barrel to do it. All Belted mags need 26" barrels.
Basically it boils down to this, One is based of slow burning powders and the other is based of fast burning ball powders. Winchester says the short fat case design is more efficient but I haven't seen any numbers on it.
Sure is nice to have a short action on a Mag cal. for once.

I have a .300 WSM on a Winchester M70 feather weight 20" barrel, they were the $500 models sold at wall mart. It weighs just 6 lbs! LOL, my poor shoulder! just kidding my Mossberg 100 atr 20" light barrel in 30-06 kicks worse than this thing does.
I wish I bought one in a longer barrel though and maybe step up to the 325.
Did you know they all had #10 twist bores on them? that means 180 grain bullets at least maybe 200 grain at the top end. That sits right nice on the lightest for cal. 325 wsm bullets.

P.S. my factory 150 grain 300 wsm ammo had a surprising number of shells that went over pressure. I had about 1/4 box of factory ammo bulge out the primer. yeashhhh

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