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grizzly gun

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Default grizzly gun

considering a grizzly hunt in an area that is not known for the big browns but most likely the 7-81/2 foot bears. My largest gun is a 7 mag. Should I be looking at a 300 mag or something even larger? would my 7 mag be enough if i went to larger premium bullets?
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Buy and shoot the largest gun you are comfortable shooting and one you can shoot good. (no need for an ultra super magnum if you can't hit the broad side of a barn with it) Obviously the bigger the better when it comes to Brown bears but that being said the 7mm mag is more than capable of putting down a Brown bear...even a big one if the the correct bullet is used and your aim is true. Good luck and I hope you indeed do decide to go.

Oh and one more thing...they are A LOT bigger in real life up close than you think. I can almost guarantee you the first thought you will have when you do see one up close is "Did I bring a big enough gun"!?!
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All in shot placement. As said above, even the biggest and baddest cartridge is useless if you cannot comfortably shoot it. The 7mm should be fine.
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great excuse to buy a .338mag or .375h&h, might as well get one or the other or both!

get a .338 win. mag or .340 weatherby

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Same thing happened to me (my 7MM RM is a Sako A7 Stainless), so now I own a Browning X-Bolt Stainless Stalker in .338 Win Mag.

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I have little doubt that the 7mm Mag is sufficient but If I was going I'd be taking my .35 Whelen.
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The gun you have is plenty.Sure something like a .338 would be nice if faced with a close charge but unless you plan to keep hunting regularly in griz/dangerous game country it doesn't make much sense.Good luck!
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Originally Posted by RIbadazzz
great excuse to buy a .338mag or .375h&h, might as well get one or the other or both!

get a .338 win. mag or .340 weatherby
Very good advice!
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I'd feel comfortable with a 160gr TSX through the 7. But you could always get the 338 RUM too remember, it's all about the bullet!
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That 7mm would do the trick, but if you're going the spend the money on a griz hunt, the money for a .338 would be a drop in the bucket in the grand scheme of things. If it were me, I'd probably get a bigger gun. Skip the .300's and go with .338 or so.
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