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Your most reliable gun

Old 05-19-2010, 06:30 PM
Nontypical Buck
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For me it would be my Glock 27 and Sig P229.
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Fork Horn
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Marlin 1895GS in 45-70 Govt.
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Typical Buck
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Easy one for me. Ruger No.1B in .30-06. Not the gun that shoots the smallest groups at the range but she never fails to harvest a deer every time I pull the trigger.
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Nontypical Buck
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250 Savage
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Remington 870 12ga.
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All of mine are the most reliable. An unreliable gun is like a shovel with a broken handle. The point of obtaining the guns I have was to get guns that were in fact very reliable. If they were acquired as unreliable I certainly either made them reliable or sent them down the road.

Remington Sendero.........300 Win mag. kills everything you aim to kill with it.
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Nontypical Buck
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Like it has been said, I dont have a gun in the safe that I wouldn't trust to fire and hit it's mark every time I pull the trigger.... No way I could keep a gun that I didn't have trust in!!!!

That being said, I mainly bowhunt but I do enjoy getting the LMT-AR out in the offseason and wear out the hogs with it.... It's the most fun to shoot!!!!
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Nontypical Buck
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Winchester 94 30-30!I love that gun!
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well thats a hard one but since I am a bird hunter by heart I would say My beretta 56e over and under 12 gauge shotgun with 2 barrels. Even though i go from fishing to a pistol competition its always their in its nice Argentinian leather old style hunting bag and my 25 shell belt with 15 birdhots, 2 slugs, 3 beanbags(dont know why), and 5 buckshots. Some oil and a bird carrier. it isnt the best hunting gun, it has scratches, it has a little broken wood but it will always be their it has never failed me and it is very rough.
God bless Pietro Beretta, god bless hunting
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Fork Horn
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its hard to get some of the old millitary guns like the springfield 03, enfield p14 or lee enfield not to fire. those old guns went through some searious torture back in there times and most of them still keep kicking. my most reliable gun would be my good ol enfield .303 since its 96 years old and still prints under a 7/8 group while its wearing a scope. a second very close runner up would be my ruger no.1, it may have given me some problems at the start but its working like a swiss watch now.
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