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Is a .338 win mag too big for deer?

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Default RE: Is a .338 win mag too big for deer?

Note: Recoil? Could it be that turkey hunters are " iron men" of American Hunting and the majority of " high power" rifle hunters are the (ahemm) " lesser iron men" of the lot? I hate to think so but you gotta admit this thread kind of leans a bit that way.

I like that. I will have to say yes, we are mannly men.
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Default RE: Is a .338 win mag too big for deer?

I agree, one doesn' t see folks reaching out to 300 yards with shotguns. If it was possible though I' m betting you' d start seeing some serious glass on shotguns in place of the old " bead and barrel" .

I' m not sure however that a " bead and barrel" shot for taking on a tom turkey at 40 yards is actually an easier shot than taking a deer with a braced 3X to 9X high power cartridge at 200 yards. Our thread starter did not indicate his " standard shooting distances" hence folks are starting to interject their own standards. I personally feel I' ve failed a bit as a " hunter" and that things are starting to nudge " unethical" over 250 yards in common hunting (no-benchrest) situations.

I agree, shoot the smaller, less expensive stuff to sharpen up with -- last heard mastering both small bore and larger bore rifles were not mutually exclusive of each other -- fundamentals are mostly the same aside from some prudent techniques to manage recoil and maintain accuracy with the bigger boys -- not rocket science though.

Never Go Undergunned,
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Going to try 160gr. barnes this fall.
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Never got to go on my elk hunt, but still enjoy shooting my 338 win mag.

I shoot 160 grain barnes ttsx and a mid range load of H4350. Only got to shoot one white tail with it, but exit hole was about 2" on a rib shot quartering away. Even though the doe was spooked during a 20 yard shot the death run was 50 yards, or less...
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Nothin' wrong with the .338 Win Mag !!!

You will never be "under gunned" hunting in North America......................
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If it's all you have to hunt deer with, then by all means use it.

As far as recoil goes, I stilll consider the .338 Win the heaviest recoiler in my battery. But it's quite a bit lighter than the .375 H&H next to it. Rifle weight makes a difference. I don't shoot 3-1\2"slugs so can't speak to that, but 3" slugs don't earn my attention like a .338 with 250-gr bullets will.

I much prefer something lighter for deer. But, being one of those who's hunted elk with a .243 because it was all I had, that works the other way, too. I consider it far too heavy for deer, but if it's all you have, use it.
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Y'all realize this thread is more than 11 years old don't ya? Until yesterday, the last post on it was 6/25/2003. Why dig up old posts and re-hash everything again, and again, and again?
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Like the consensus said - dead is dead. It is way more gun then you need. But for an elk cartridge you can't get too much better. If you can handle it then by all means get it. As a plus if you ever get a real long shot at a big buck your bullet will have plenty of energy when it gets there.
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So, 11 years later. I wonder if the OP bought it?
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He just did.......................Due to last few comments.

Finally !!!
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Quick Reply: Is a .338 win mag too big for deer?

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