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what scope??

Old 02-23-2010, 11:49 AM
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Default what scope??

I own a 300 ultra mag would like to know what scope other owners of this caliber use ,shooting antelope and deer out to 700 yds, Thanks
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Have you ever seen what 700 yards looks like? Lets be honest for a second. You aint never going to shoot an antelope that far away. You know it, I know it. Go get one of those blister packed tascos from walmart them good right tere.............
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If you find a sales man that will tell you that you will be able to shoot accurately out to the ranges you want then make sure you also buy the bridge to Australia that he's probably also selling. Go buy a 3-9 or 6-14 powered scope and plan shots that are actually realistic.
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I've got a Leupold 3.5x10x50mm on my .300 ultra. I've tried it with success to about 450-500. If you are serious about 700+ you might want a 6.5-20 or 8.5-25 LRT, but I doubt you'll make many shots that long unless you're deliberately looking to do that.
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I like the Leupold 8.5x25 for hunting longer ranges. The Nightforce scopes are very nice but not needed. I have both and like both. If you are on somewhat of a budget the Leupold will be just fine. I'm going to side with RR, as to all the non believers 700 yards isn't all that far if you practice at long range. With proper equipment and good practice 700 yards is actually kind of a chip shot but don't expect to go to Wal Mart by a rifle and a box of ammo of the shelf and expect to hit anything at that distance with any regularity
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Zeiss Conquest with the Rapid Z800 reticle.....good out to 800yds, matches the bullet drop...


they also make a 6.5-20x50 or something, I'd probably get the 4.5-14x44mm.

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Wheh I googled "long range" shooting this is what I found;

There are always exceptions, of course. Jack O'Connor himself killed big game animals at over 300 yards, and other masters like Bob Hagel, Warren Page, Elmer Keith, Pete Brown, Francis Sell, and Townsend Whelen did likewise. But these men had the skill and the experience to justify such shooting. They lived at a time when game was much more plentiful than it is today, and when bag limits were generous or nonexistent. As full-time professional gun writers, they had the opportunity to shoot an enormous amount of ammunition through a very wide variety of rifles, and to spend a great deal of their time hunting. Such opportunities were rare then, and are almost nonexistent now. The times have indeed changed, and not always for the better.
I would like to conclude by pointing out that long range shots are less common than might be inferred from reading the sporting magazines. Most big game animals in North America are killed at under 200 yards; in fact, most are killed at less than 100 yards.
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A very good friend of mine has a Leupold Vari X-III 6.5x20 on his Remington Sendero 300-Remington Ultra Mag.
He likes this rifle & scope combo for antelope, deer & elk. He has taken several deer & antelope at 500-plus yards.
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My take on this is if someone is capable of shooting stuff at 700 yards, they are not asking an online forum what scope to use.
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Originally Posted by ajstrider
My take on this is if someone is capable of shooting stuff at 700 yards, they are not asking an online forum what scope to use.

Never thought of it that way, but you are probably right!
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