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what scope??

Old 02-24-2010, 04:38 AM
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I think this forum needs to take the edge off. Everyone on here has been sucked into illusions/delusions of grandeur at some point in there lives.

Lets try to educate folks instead of talking down to them. You have no idea how old the op is.

Maybe we need a long range hunting/shooting sticky that we can send people to.

Public service announcement over.

For the record I agree with all that was said. LOL.

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700 yards is no different than 100 yards...all you gotta do is the RANGE TIME to figure out your clicks, learn to read mirage and windage just a little and you'll be surprised at how quickly you'll be able to do it. Pick a great scope, say a Lightforce 10x42 or one the newer Sightrons, work up some loads with REAL bullets, spend a little time on your handloading techniques, start out by shooting 200-300-500-600 etc. and you catch on real qucik, you'd be surprised how good some factory rifle actually are..most will handle it just fine
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While I will readily admit that shots at those ranges can and do happen, most people don't even realize just how far a shot at half that distance actually is. Practice, practice and then practice some more at the intended ranges.
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700 yards is a L O N G way. I believe I'd try and get closer.
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I believe I'd just ask Ridge Runner what he uses and do likewise...
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What scope were you using the last time you shot that far?
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Originally Posted by Sheridan
Wheh I googled "long range" shooting this is what I found;

There are always exceptions, of course. Jack O'Connor himself killed big game animals at over 300 yards, and other masters like Bob Hagel, Warren Page, Elmer Keith, Pete Brown, Francis Sell, and Townsend Whelen did likewise. But these men had the skill and the experience to justify such shooting. They lived at a time when game was much more plentiful than it is today, and when bag limits were generous or nonexistent. As full-time professional gun writers, they had the opportunity to shoot an enormous amount of ammunition through a very wide variety of rifles, and to spend a great deal of their time hunting. Such opportunities were rare then, and are almost nonexistent now. The times have indeed changed, and not always for the better.
I would like to conclude by pointing out that long range shots are less common than might be inferred from reading the sporting magazines. Most big game animals in North America are killed at under 200 yards; in fact, most are killed at less than 100 yards.
Good for Google. Now ask people with real experience.

RR has regularly made good shots on animals beyond 700 yards. My longest is an elk at 683 yds, also solid.

Just because you don't understand the ballistics and calculations of long range shooting personally, does not mean it is not routine for others. I shoot animals over 300 yds with a muzzleloader compensating for over 4 feet of bullet drop. To date all have dropped where they stood.

Someone wanting to shoot 700 yards should come to the table with more specific questions, skills and knowledge should be coming before shooting that far, however.

The primary concern is that you have a scope with repeatable target/tactical turrets so you can dial in your elevation and windage. The lowest-end scope I would consider for this is a Bushnell 6500 Tactical in the $600 range. I have seen $300 Nikon Buckmasters used but I would not trust one to do it regularly on such a large magnum due to potential repeatability issues.

On a gun meant for 700 yards, your budget should really start at $900 for a used tactical scope and go up from there.
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My take on this is if someone is capable of shooting stuff at 700 yards, they are not asking an online forum what scope to use.

Your a wise man... good thought
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Originally Posted by Frank in the Laurel
700 yards is no different than 100 yards...all you gotta do is the RANGE TIME to figure out your clicks, learn to read mirage and windage
Sure it is, you just listed several major differences. Not to mention drop compensation and range determination. A small flinch at 100 yards can turn into a nasty wounding gut shot at 700 if your form is not perfect.
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If you want some REAL answers about what scope to use go to
People wont talk to you like you are an idiot there and will help you out with all you want to know. As for my suggestions, leupold mark 4 or nightforce. I have a nightforce 5.5-22x56 on my custom 338 Edge. Havent gotten a change to shoot it yet since its been really cold up here all winter but will get out as soon as spring roles around. I suggest all of you nay sayers check out also. Might change your opinion a little bit and might not belittle people when they as a legitamate question.

This past season i shot a buck at 492 yards with a 270 Winchester. All i used was the ballisticplex reticle on my burris scope and a range finder

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