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Does your Wal Mart have Federal Power Shok ammo instock? >

Does your Wal Mart have Federal Power Shok ammo instock?

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Does your Wal Mart have Federal Power Shok ammo instock?

Old 12-04-2009, 02:06 PM
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I do have a tumbler... and I'd have it not other way! I like shiny brass, but I hate polishing brass. The tumbler is a great time saver if you like your brass pretty.

But yes, assuming that the brass is cleaned and ready to go, I can do 50 rounds in an hour with a single stage press if I don't dilly-dally. My process is a bit more involved, and I find handloading therapeutic, so I take my time and load half that number per hour. Once you get used to the process, it goes pretty fast. My process looks like this:

When I get home from the range (per 50 cases)...

1) Deprime brass with universal depriming die and throw into brass into tumbler. (5 minutes) I usually let them run 2 hours, but sometimes I get sidetracked and have let them run overnight. The brass looks like gold then!

2) Dump brass and tumbler media into big bowl with colander to separate media from cases. Remove cases from colander 5-6 at a time ensuring media has been dumped from cases, inspecting the cases for defects go. I now use a very fine walnut tumbler media (I get it at Petco, it's actually reptile bedding, but it works great and it less then 1/3 the price of the stuff you buy in the reloading aisle, and works better, too) with Iosso case tumbler polish treatment. Since I deprime before tumbling I find that the tumbler actually does a pretty good job removing the crud from the primer pocket, but if a case has a particularly dirty primer pocket, I clean it with a primer pocket brush as I go. Cases are placed in a home made (walnut) loading block. (5-10 min)

3) Sizing. I shoot only bolt action rifles, so I generally neck size only unless FL sizing is necessary. I use Imperial sizing die wax for lube, and basically just use my fingers to wipe a tiny amount of lube on the neck and upper shoulder and a brush to lube a tiny amount on the inside of the neck. I've found a little bit of this stuff goes a long way, and I've never had a problem with stuck cases or crushed/stretched necks. I have a system when I lube, size and wipe the cases in a fluid motion. I used to use spray lube, but the stuff is a mess and really is too much for neck sizing. Imperial is just as fast in the long run, works better, and a tin lasts forever. (30 minutes)

4) Priming. I use an RCBS hand priming tool to prime cases. It's way faster than priming with the press, and I can very easily feel when the primer is seated right and especially when the primer pockets are getting loose. The hand priming tool is, IMO, essential. (5 minutes)

5) Charging and seating. I combine these two steps. I use the powder measure that came with my Rockchucker kit and set it to throw within 1 grain under the desired charge weight. I throw the charge into the scale pan, put the pan on the scale (RCBS electronic scale, the one that can be paired to the Chargemaster dispenser, minus the dispenser part ), and then trickle up to the desired charge weight. I've gotten pretty good at this through experience and can usually nail the charge just right pretty quick. Powder is than carefully dumped via funnel into the case making sure no powder kernels are clinging to the funnel. I then move the now charged case to the press (where I've already set up my seater die), and a bullet is seated in two partial strokes, seating about halfway, then lowering the ram, turning the case roughly 90 degrees, and then fully seating. I've been told this can help reduce runout. I can't say if it works for sure, but it's just a habit and I do it as such. Then that loaded case goes into the ammo carrier (I use the plastic ammo boxes with the hinged lids... MTM I think). If it's a load workup, I label the rows in the carrier with the charge amount, otherwise, I label it with the load info. (60 - 90 minutes, depending on if it's an established recipe with one powder charge, or a load work-up).

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Old 12-04-2009, 03:53 PM
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Originally Posted by Big Z
I don't have a case tumber. That'd be a magnificent time saver...get one if you can I hafta clean each case individually which SUCKS.

I'll put this very simply:
Let's assume you do have a tumbler...just take your tumbled brass out, make sure they all look okay-- set 'em up and spray some case lube on them. Run them through your sizing die. Prime them with your priming tool. Set your powder measure and start throwing charges, then set your seating die and start loading bullets up. If I already have my brass cleaned (like I said, no tumber, takes me forever to get 'em shiney) I can have a batch of 50 sized, primed and loaded in an hour. The way I look at it, anything I roll out is at least as good as average factory loads.

I don't use a tumbler. In MY mind they are not necessary to the process. Don't get me wrong, I have nothing against their use. I just don't personally need to have my casings nice, bright and shiny... a quick visual inspection and a wipe all around with a cleaning cloth, and I'm ready to start prepping cases. I think a tumbler is just a piece of equipment that takes up too much space and time. If you're loading a LOT of handgun cases, that's a different story, and I do see their usefulness...plus straight-sided cases are easier to check for trapped media than bottle-necked rifle cases, another of my concerns.......Just my personal opinion, tho.....If you want to use one, go for it....
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Old 12-04-2009, 03:59 PM
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Every bit of crap I can shine off of mag brass helps make it easier
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