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Long Range Optics.

Old 09-02-2009, 02:38 PM
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Default Long Range Optics.

So I have a Remington 700 SPS 22-250. Now I need optics. I have been looking at the 10-40X50 and 8-32X50 and so on. My question is, do I need a 10-40 or a 8-32? I am going to do some long range Yote shooting......500 - 800yds. I am lost. I have a 4-12 on my Rem 700 BDL 30.06 and that seems to get me up close and personal to 400yds but beyond that, its not so great. I can see my target but not as detailed as I would like it. So, is 4-24 too light or should I go with a Tactical/Varment Scope lkie a 10-40? I have a friend that says he can hit a target out to 1000yds with open sights on his AR-15. What do yall think? I really dont want to break the bank either. $400-$500 in my budget.
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Here is what I have on my SPS

BTW - Is your buddy a sniper with the special forces ?

What's good shooting with iron sights and no one spotting.
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Remember that the more you increase the magnification the more difficult it becomes to acquire your target, hold steady on target, focus on your target, etc... etc... Unless you are going to be shooting off of a stationary bench of some kind I would stick with a bit lower magnification.

If you are going to be shooting at that distance then you should spend some money on good glass.

I think that one of the best values in a high end scope to come along in quite some time is the Bushnell Elite 6500 series. For your application I think that the 2.5-16X42 or 2.5-16X50 with either the fine multi X or Mill dot reticles.

The 6500's have incredible glass that compares to scopes costing $1000 more, finger adjustable and resettable turrets, side paralax adjustment, and very very consistant and generous eye relief throught the magnification range.

I have a friend that says he can hit a target out to 1000yds with open sights on his AR-15. What do yall think?
What does he consider a target? A 10 foot X 10 foot square? Personally think he is full of crap but that is another thread.
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I tend to be on the other side of this issue. I like lots of magnification. Though I agree with what Big Bulls said but I still like my magnification. Given the options you've thrown out there I like the 8-32x50 for the ranges you're laid out. The 8 is still low enough to take shots between 75 and 100 yards but it's not going to be great.

I once shot a deer at 6.5 power at about 15 yards. All I could see was brown. LOL. I eventually found the neck semi-lined it up and pulled the trigger. Dead deer for sure.

So like I said. Even with the draw back I like magnification. Especially for the range.


P.S. Non of my scope has less than 12x.
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I have never seen my friend hit anything past 400yds with his AR-15. At the range we shoot at, we have to go beyond the last ridge to get up to 300yds. We have a 300yd marker in the weeds. A big hill is the back drop so we are still shooting safe. Everytime I invite him to go to the desert for some long range action, he is busy. So, I do think he may be stretching the truth a bit. He is by no means is he a Special Forces Sniper. Thanks for the ideas. I have been looking at the Barska scopes. There are so many options out there. Thanks for the advise and please keep it comming.
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Leupold VX-3 6.5-20x50 works well for me. Good luck.
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