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bolt action 30-30

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Question bolt action 30-30

im a huge fan of the 30-30 round
but i cant seem to find a bolt action version of it i would like the long range reliability of a bolt action
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I'm a little confused...please forgive me. If you want a "long range" bolt action why select the .30-.30? If you want reliability, lever actions are fine. What are you hunting (and at what ranges)?
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There were some bolts made in 30/30 quite a few years ago (Savage/Stevens and or Mossberg?) Their selling point was that they were safer than lever actions of the day with only a half-**** safety. These guns were more utilitarian than works of art and were fairly cheap. I'm not sure if there are any bolts chambered in 30/30 today.

Loaded properly, the 30/30 is a 200 yd cartridge, but 150-175 is probably more realistic. I really like the 30/30 in a lever with a peep sight. My range is limited by my eyesight and the sight system, and that's about 100 yds for me, which is great with the 30/30. If you don't mind the looks of a scope on a lever, you can get longer range out of the 30/30, but as stated above, it's not really a long range cartridge.
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i am hunting whitetail and i post up my ground blind on a field probably 250 yards give or take 5-10 yards
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At 200 yards, energy for the .30/30 is about 1,000 ft/lbs. At 300 yards it is about 700 ft/lbs.

It is therefore arguable that the .30/30 is a marginal deer round at 200 yards, and inadequate at 300 yards (using the theory that you need 1,000 ft/lbs minimum for a whitetail kill). Now I understand that this can be argued all day..... but just trying to apply some logic to my thinking....

I use a .30/30 every year to hunt in Michigan, but my shots are 100 yards max... usually 35-70 yards. I do not use it in areas where 200 yard shots are a possibility -- I use my '06 or .270. So if I were to purchase a bolt gun for that purpose, a .30-30 would not be my choice...

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Originally Posted by shottyhunter24
i am hunting whitetail and i post up my ground blind on a field probably 250 yards give or take 5-10 yards
IMO for the type of hunting your doing you would be much better buying a 308 or something similar, than trying to stretch the range limits on a 30-30.

Although energy is a factor in killing deer, it's not the only one. The trajectory of shooting a 30-30 at 250 yards is more of a rainbow effect. You would have to aim at air over the spine to drop one on target.
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Find a nice .308 Winchester in a bolt rifle. You will more likely have a longer range foundation for a rifle and plenty potent out to 250 yds.
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Just because it is a bolt action rifle does not mean it is a long range gun. The type of rifle makes no difference what so ever in the velocity of the cartridge. A 30-30 is still a 30-30 whether it is in a lever gun, bolt bun, single shot, or what ever.

Take the advice here and get yourself a bolt action 308.
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If you want something that doesn't kick that hard and really fits your bill consider the .243 Win. It's an excellent cartridge for what your doing.

As far as the .30-30. I would give it a big thumbs down.

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Default old

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