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Western MA Hunter 03-31-2009 04:59 AM

New X-Bolt
Just went ahead and ordered up a new Browning X-Bolt Hunter in 7mm Rem Mag... I should have it by Wed. Putting my Leupold on it.. Traded in a couple of other guns... worked out well.
My first Browning rifle... Can't wait.

TGRIZWALD 03-31-2009 05:12 AM

RE: New X-Bolt
i hear all good things about them

Western MA Hunter 03-31-2009 05:30 AM

RE: New X-Bolt
I was reading some other posts from awhile back and it looks like many people don't like the looks of the new XBolt vs. The ABolt... This is my first Browning rifle... IPERSONALLY liked the look & feel of the XBolt over the ABolt..

stalkingbear 03-31-2009 05:45 AM

RE: New X-Bolt
Congrats! I'm sure you'll LOVE it as I do my Brownings.

terbzz 03-31-2009 02:14 PM

RE: New X-Bolt
i love my browning abolt. I like the x bolts too.

rimjob_rob 03-31-2009 02:47 PM

RE: New X-Bolt
Congrats on your rifle purchase. My brother has an X-Bolt and I just got my A-Bolt. The X just didn't fit me quite right, although I will admit that it has a little better trigger than my A bolt. I like the choice of the Leupold on it too. Here is a pic of mine and my bro's side by side, they are both Medallions. Post pics of yours when you get it!

Western MA Hunter 04-06-2009 10:31 AM

RE: New X-Bolt
Well... here she is... Haven't shot it yet... just got back from vacation...

popeye 04-06-2009 10:44 AM

RE: New X-Bolt
Be sure to let us know how it shoots.
I love my A-bolts but haven't had a chance to test drive any X-bolt.... yet :)

bugsNbows 04-06-2009 01:47 PM

RE: New X-Bolt
I just picked up an X-Bolt in 300 WSM. I chose it over an A-Bolt and a Tikka Deluxe. They were all nice, but I've had the others so... The trigger on the X is better than the A Bolt (IMO) and is user adjustable +1. The recoil pad seems to be a soft squishy gel type +1. It's bedded and the barrel free floated. +1. It does have a polymer mag (so does the Tikka), but it fits better than the A bolt that I was comparing to. Tikka's one size action was a -1 to me as I wanted a true short action. The bottom line is I decided to try the X Bolt. Not sure about scopes yet but I may get daring and try a compact Nightforce NXS 2.5-10 X 32. It is a dandy. Just not sure I want to spend that much cash. We'll see.

hossdaniels 04-06-2009 02:53 PM

RE: New X-Bolt
The trigger on the abolt was user adjustable too(small screw just behind the trigger for 3-6 lbs IIRC). butI did have to swap springs to get my abolt down to13/4lbs.

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