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25 wssm?

Old 12-02-2008, 06:02 AM
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Default 25 wssm?

looking at buying one and dont really know alot about the round. anyone have any info. i live in florida so i would think it would make a good deer round for down here. the rifle is a winchester m 70 coyote?
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Default RE: 25 wssm?

I think thewhole wssm thing was kid of a flop. They really didn't catch on and the only company I see producing the 25wssm still in a bolt action is Browning. You can find you Winchester on used most likely. The 25-06 would be a great round for any deer in FL and ammo is easier to find. The wssm ammo is rare and getting rarer.
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Default RE: 25 wssm?

The 25 WSSM is DOA.
If you want a fast 25 with easy to find ammo, get a 25-06.
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Default RE: 25 wssm?

the .25 wssm is named a magnum but its slower then most 25-06's and really only on par with a 257 rob. i have been havinf problems with my wsm gun and i thik the wssm would be even worse. if you got the money go for the 257 weatherby
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Default RE: 25 wssm?

I once bought a 243 wssm in a browning A-bolt. loved how the gun shot. but the short fat, factory cartridges would not feed through the magazine. The gun shot wonderfully but i couldnt have a gun that wouldnt function properly everytime. so im kinda biased against the wssm series. Id have to agree with everyone else above, get a 25-06.
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Default RE: 25 wssm?

Or a .243 Win., if you're interested in a short-actioned rifle...
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Default RE: 25 wssm?

yea but the point being that from the factory, brand spanking new, the gun did not feed properly! i mean come on why make a gun for a short fat cartridge if the gun wont feed 100% of the time.
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Default RE: 25 wssm?

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My 25 wssm, mildly loaded runs a 115 gr NBT out of a 22" barrel at 3000 fps, about equal to a 25/06 within 100-150 fps, and kills deer like no tomorrow,
And does it with a lot less powder. Somehow that case design makes for a very efficient powder burn. Compared to the 25-06 case you can get the same velocity with 10-15% less powder in the 25WSSM using the same powder and the same bullet.

Any decent 100-120gr bullet in .257 is plenty for a deer. If you like the rifle platform and especially if you reload, go for it.
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Default RE: 25 wssm?

i have an idea why. i think because the case was too fat and the magazine was a p.o.s. and thus the sharp shoulder of the case got jammed so bad it rendered the gun to be a single shot. if i wanted a tried and true single shot, i'll go with a Ruger #1. Now a wssm in a Ruger #1 would be really hot. you could have a 26" barrel on it and still have a nice handy gun. i wont argue the ballistic potential with ya cuz i can see the advantages. but a 25-06 or 30-06 or 270 or 308 or 243 takes a lot to get them to jam.
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Default RE: 25 wssm?<this is a site with different wssm shooters, if you want to talk wsm or wssm with anyone talk to someone there
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