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308 or 243?

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Default RE: 308 or 243?

here are my preferrences in order.
.243-----can hunt smaller than deer critters
7-08-----awesome shooting round,
.308 -----ike the 30-30 and 30-06 better
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Default RE: 308 or 243?

Well Bighorn let me put it to you this way. I've shot 2 deer with the 308 and they ran off. One right into another hunter who claimed it. The 2 I shot with the 7-08 - one dropped where it stood and the other never got out of his bed. IMO the 7-08 is on the same playing field as the 270 Win. And I've shot many animals with the 270.
And the 7-08 is a necked down 308 case as isthe 243.
I like the 308 as a target round but it just doesn't suit me as a hunting round. I know thousands of hunters love it. Just not me.
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Default RE: 308 or 243?

Check out these articles to help make your decision.

Good Luck
... oh yeah i would go with the
1.7mm-08 if your concerned about recoil
2. .308 if you want a heavier bullet
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Default RE: 308 or 243?

Another vote for the 7mm-08

Make your first shot count!
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Default RE: 308 or 243?

7mm08 or 308 take your pick. 308 ammo might be more available I have both, both have killed deer would not worry about taking either to the woods.
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Default RE: 308 or 243?

Lets back up a bit...You mentioned losing a deer with a 22-250...What bullet was being used??? With the 60gr Nosler Partition, the 22-250 makes a pretty decent deer round, with shots within 150 yards...I've skinned 8-10 that my niece has killed with her 22-250 and also killed a couple of dozen with that round back in the 70s, when all we had were varmint bullets...There is a huge difference in the wound channels between these two bullets...

Also...A 7mm-08 will kick less than a .308 IF the 7mm is using 140gr bullets and the .308 is using 150gr bullets...Remember, recoil is more than just powder charge, rifle design and rifle weight...It's bullet weight as well...Remember physics, for every reaction there is an equal and opposite reaction...That opposite reaction is recoil...

My brothers have .270s, a 7mm-08 and a .280...I have a good friend that has a .308...I have shot and set up all these rifles...I can't tell much difference in recoil between the 4 different cartridges...You will also not be able to tell ANY difference in how well they work on deer...You will be able to tell differences though in the bullet used within any given caliber...

My brother has killed over 100 deer with his 7mm-08 and has used it since the early 80s...The only disadvantage is avaliability of ammo and price vs the more common .270, 30-06 .308 and .243 ammo...Practically every ammo dealer sells these 4 centerfire calibers...

I've used a .243 since 1980 and have killed well over 150 deer with it...About 90 of these were killed with 100gr Remington CoreLokts, currently they sell for $11.24 at the local WalMart...Either will work...

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Default RE: 308 or 243?

I am partial to the .243, 25 years of hunting with one I ve killed tons of deer with it. I have seen all calibers work on deer from .243 to 300 mags, some run a ways some drop, none go far with any caliber if you do your part. a .243 to the side of a deer compared to a .308, you cant tell the difference.
Use the wrong bullet in any caliber and you will see a difference. My friend shot a doe last week with a .308 using the barnes triple shock, I was less than impressed, that deer went 200+ yds and blood didnt start for about 75 yds, we had a hard time finding blood, but once we did we found her. another friend using the .308 2 weeks ago shot 2 does using interbonds, man that bullet laid the samck down on them, dropped one and one went 30 yds and the damage was tremendous
.308 has bit of kick, bullets can be found anywhere
7mm-08 which is just a .284 bullet on a .308 case is a bit flatter shooting than the .308, less recoil and might be the best deer cartridge out there, but
shells are not that easy to find.
.243 which is just a .308 case necked down, a bit flatter shooting than both, a lot less recoil and shells are every where.

I personally like the .243, super accurate, no recoil super flat shooting and puts the hurt on them.
heres a deer my son shot couple of years ago with the .243.

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Default RE: 308 or 243?

Split the difference and go with the old faithful .270. You can buy rounds anywhere and there are a ton of different ones to choose from. Recoil is minimum and she can use it for bigger game than deer if she ever gets the chance. I even bought some 100 grain federals that shoot as flat as any shell out there and plan on using it for yotes!
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Default RE: 308 or 243?

ORIGINAL: bighorn11

That told me a lot of what I wanted to know. I thought the only difference was the caliber. Why wood a larger caliber equal more recoil? Doesn't the powder, weight of gun, etc....... determine "kick", instead of bullet size?
"Every action has an equal and opposite reaction"

Based upon this law, and applied to your question, if you put two identical rifles (same model, same sights, etc.), the recoil question boils down to the fact that the heavier the bullet that is pushed down the barrel, the more recoil will be generated going the other direction.

While the .243, the .260, and the 7mm-08 all owe their lineage (all are just necked-down) to the .308, pushing a 100 grain .243 caliber bullet will create less recoil than pushing a 150 grain .308 caliber bullet. Those two bullet weights seem to be the norm for deer-sized game. Now, will the felt recoil be that noticeable? That depends on the shooter. The lighter the shooter's frame, the more likely the recoil WILL be noticeable.

Some mitigating factors:

A rifle that weighs more "soaks up" more recoil. Of course, it's also heavier to carry to the field.

A number of fine recoil-reducing pads are available aftermarket.

Yours is actually a very common dilemma. My wife is perfectly comfortable shooting a .243, which my mother alsoused for years to kill deer and speedgoats with one shot. Moving her up to a .308? I'm not going to mess with success after getting her this far.
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Default RE: 308 or 243?

Something to consider:

It doesn't matter what cartridge we all think is the best. If your wife is recoil sensitive and based on you saying that if the 308 has more recoil that the 30-30 that will be a problem, then i'd say she is.
The 270 may be the best deer cartridge around (example) but if she's gonna flinch when shooting it then it's useless.
Not only does she need to be able to shoot it without flinching, i'm sure you would want her to be able to comfortably shoot it at the range.

So we can tell you that the 7mm-08, 308,270, 25-06 is the best but if all she can handle comfortably and shoot accurately is a 243, and that cartridge is adequate for deer, then that's what you need to do
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