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nksmfamjp 11-05-2008 05:41 AM

500 vs. 870
Well, I'm thinking shotguns again. I like the 870, but I don't like it's higher price, slide release location or safety location. That turns me to the 500. I like the 500, except I don't like the 24" barrel for a rifled barrel. So, how much/ how hard would this be to shorten to 18.5 inches? Can I do it and still get decent accuracy? or shoud I go to a gunsmith? Also, same for mounting a scope base to the top of it?

bronko22000 11-05-2008 06:14 AM

RE: 500 vs. 870
I'm not sure about the rifled barrel. But as for the difference between shotguns, there is no comparison. Both models have there fans but for me it has to be the 870. The 500 to me feels like a club. But that's how a shotgun should be selected - on 'feel' to the one who is going to use it. If the 500 better to you then by all means get it.

stalkingbear 11-05-2008 10:57 AM

RE: 500 vs. 870
I personally like the 870 much more than the 500. Have worked on/repaired a lot of 500s in past too whereas most of the 870 customers just wanted upgrades/customization/tricked out.

dylan_b 11-05-2008 11:17 AM

RE: 500 vs. 870
you cannot shorten your barrel yourself. if you do dont expect to hit anything. and the 24 incher does great if you are going to try slugs out of it

tjlindho 11-05-2008 07:26 PM

RE: 500 vs. 870
I personally like the 870 even with its draw backs. Yet if you like the 500 by all means use it, although changing a rifled barrels length is not advised. It will often end with low accuracy and decreased velocity on exit. Your best bet on getting a shorter barrel is to buy one. That way the barrel is rifled properly and will not result in a huge loss of velocity.

CamoCop 11-06-2008 07:20 AM

RE: 500 vs. 870
as far as shotguns go, i'm a Mossberg man. i have beat my Mossberg 835 to death and it still shoots and functions as good as the day i bought it. when i use to dog hunt, my Mossberg was run over by a truck, i've used it as a club (to kill snakes), it's been dropped in the sand and mud more times than i can count and still operated flawlessly with a little WD-40. Mossberg has made a life customer out of me.

NE Hunter 11-06-2008 12:09 PM

RE: 500 vs. 870
Very true Mossbergs aren't as pretty as the Remmington, but they do take a lickin and keep on tickin. I personally have a Moss 500, I like the location of the safety too. If I had to it probably wouldn't take to long to get used to the Rem cross bolt saftey though. Either will serve you well so get the one that feels the best to you

slayer_54 11-06-2008 01:17 PM

RE: 500 vs. 870
when i was into slug huntin i always used my dads 500 withthe slug barrel and i shot multiple deer at 100-125yds withopen sightsand regular slugs. great slug gun in my opinion. my dad has shot his for years and loves it for deer too. jus not much else. he uses his 870 for birds

sillpapa 11-06-2008 06:24 PM

RE: 500 vs. 870
Both are very fine shotguns . Ihave a535 Mossy and a 870 Wingmaster . I perfer the 535 for Deer hunting . The 870 for upland & waterfoul . Concider perhaps finding a good used model of each an have 2 of the best shotguns
you'll ever enjoy hunting with.

Briman 11-07-2008 07:25 AM

RE: 500 vs. 870
The 870 is a far better shotgun. I've seen too many things break on Mossberg 500s in the past, I'll never own one. I have put 100,000+ rounds through an 870 wingmaster without a single breakage.

semi 11-07-2008 07:34 AM

RE: 500 vs. 870
i have one of each. I like the both. I have put WAY more rounds thru the 500 and it works like the day i bought it. the 870 feels a little tighter but they both work and wouldn't feel bad about either one.

SWThomas 11-07-2008 10:24 AM

RE: 500 vs. 870
Why not get an auto-loader? 11-87 is a nice gun.

nksmfamjp 11-09-2008 11:31 AM

RE: 500 vs. 870
I'm really trying to close the deal for under $250 and shotguns aren't very important to me. Just an opinion. I prefer to spend money elsewhere, but I would like a long gun with a red dot for deer hunting.

stalkingbear 11-09-2008 03:02 PM

RE: 500 vs. 870
Get a mavrick pump-made by mossberg,exactly same function,just cheaper stock-they usually run less than 150$ new.

IndyHunter83 11-12-2008 04:40 PM

RE: 500 vs. 870
870 works well

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