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Browning BAR?

Old 07-05-2008, 01:45 PM
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Default RE: Browning BAR?

Had several BAR's .The only problem that I ever had was with one in a .270.It would nothold zero.Final result was the stock was loose.Tightened stock no more problem.Just bought a 1970 BAR in 30-06 Grade II.Absolutly love it .Don't know about the marlin,But the 30-06 and the .308 are not going any where .My personal opinion would be 30-06 in the BAR and .308 in a bolt .BTW every browning Bar I have ever owned had satisfactoy accuracy for me.And I am right funny about these things.
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Default RE: Browning BAR?

...Deleted by CalHunter...

DId you figure out what a Statistical Outlier was ? SOmehow I misspelled it .
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Default RE: Browning BAR?

why do you think tghe Marlin 308XP will die a slow death? I'm not saying you're wrong at all, I just wonder why you thino so. I have no loyalty to Marlin, I just liked the thought of the 308XP in a lever action for hogs. The Browning BLR just doesn't look good to me, call me crazy. All my shotguns are Brownings, but I just don't like the BLR.
How many manufacturers other then Hornady manufacture ammo? Wouldn't one want a cartidge 308 that is manufactured by at least 200+ cartridge companies(just used as a reference not sure how many co's are out there). HOw bout a cartridge you can actually load for as well. Do you see a lot of components for the 308 Marlin. I have a Marlin XLR 45/70 and I have gone thru 4 BLR's all but one was a 308. They shoot great and are lighter and much smoother then any Marlin. Thats a fact , I won't own a BLR in 450 Marlin though it would have severe recoil. It might be one of the underrated guns out there.
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Default RE: Browning BAR?

BAR - Have firsthand experience with 2. A "Safari Grade" in 7mm Rem. Mag. I won in a draw about 12 years ago and a 308 Win. I bought .. I forget when. Years and years ago.

I was never satisfied with the groups of 7m Rem. Mag. gun, but frankly I didn't give it much chance. I sold it pretty soon after I won it.

The 308 Win. is another story. It shot fine and I had killed several deer and 2 hogs with it. I let my brother beat me out of years ago. It is his No. 1 hunting rifle. I'd guess he has killed 100-125 deer with it and who knows how many feral hogs !!! He's a hog killing fool for sure. And in SW la. they are eat up with ferals!

I found the BAR relatively easy to keep clean and I never has one single ejection/feed problem out of the one I had. Neither has my brother and he is notorious for not keeping his gear cleaned up like it should be. It would group just under 2 MOA.
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Default RE: Browning BAR?


Magnum Man I should have stated that I also feel that most semi-auot's have some degree of unreliabilty to them(IMO). For example I am a revolver person, not a pistol person.

I have hunted deer in TN where the original poster said he wanted to hunt "hogs and boar". The boar's in TN can get pretty big. I am not questioning any one elses BAR's, but I would not feel comfortable if I needed a follow up shot for one of those big boy's. I would rather have a lever or pump rifle, I truly consider them to be more reliable than any semi-auto. Tom.
Tom, I was born and bred in central MS where hog huntin is serious business... I've also hunted pretty much everything from hog to elk in various states from FL to CO... There's only one gun I've needed for these types of game in said locations... For nearly the last decade it's been a BAR in 30/06... I won't make a claim that I've shot thousands of guns, never had a need to... I've got, IMO, the best all-around hunting rifle that exists... I've never had one single malfunction of any kind with that gun... And I'm consistently able to get a 2" group at 300 yds... The BAR ain't a cheap gun (in quality or price tag), Browning makes high-quality hunting rifles... I find it hard to believe that every BAR you've held produced poor groups without some type of shooter error... I'm not trying to discredit your previous statements, but I'd have to agree with pretty much everybody else on this board in saying that you're definately in the minority on this one...

Boars are big, they are dangerous, my BAR has performed exceptionally well in all conditions... It's the only gun I hunt with...
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Default RE: Browning BAR?

ORIGINAL: dazedkraut

You mentioned pump or lever action guns, is there a pump out there chambered for rifle cartridges?
If you want accuracy,reliablility "and" a quick follow-up shot, go with a Remington 7600. Here is a pic of mine in 7mm-08 which I got at Grices Wholesale. They do special runs of different calibers each year. Remington offers 7600's in 243, 270, 30-06, and 308.

The 7600's come with a free floated barrel and the accuracy is a lot better than most bolt shooters would like to admit. Down-side is the trigger. Mine came with a 7 1/4 Lb pull and lots of creep. I got a good trigger smith to work it and now it's a clean, crisp 3Lbs. Accuracy wise, this rifle averages about 3/4" CTC @ 100 Yds with my handloads and holds MOAout to 300 Yds. Here is best 100 Yd group to date.

Dark lines are 1/2", lighter lines are 1/4"

(Forgot to subtract the bullet diameter when I wrote in group size)

Make your first shot count!
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Default RE: Browning BAR?

Firstshot,That's a nice looking piece.(Not trying to get off subject)Got a old 760 carbine in 30-06 from a bud of mine.(I guess it is a carbine or he cut the barrel down )Shoots O.K. Probally do better with trigger work.
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Default RE: Browning BAR?

I have a 270 and a 7 mag bar safari and it doesnt get any better in my mind
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Default RE: Browning BAR?

I've owned 2 BAR's (a Belgium and a Japanese) in 338WM. The newer Japanese one has a BOSS setup and the older Belgium one doesn't. Both have been exceptional rifles and have killed elk and/or moose. Both shoot around 1.5" at a 100 yards and have been used out to 400 yards. It's statistically possible for any model of rifle to have an occasional lemon or bad performer. They are a little heavier rifle but they are fun to shoot and everybody I know that owns one really likes them. For my next hog rifle, however, I am seriously considering getting a 45-70 in a Marlin Guide gun because the larger hogs are just plain tough. That will mean I just have to go on a buffalo hunt also.
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The BAR belgian in all grades is a wonderful, accurate gun. The 308 is by far a great caliber from fox to whitetials. It does not require as much steel as larger calibers, therefore lighter. You need to find the round that best fits the gun, luckily I think the varieity of rounds available are great especially if you want to use it for a lot of species of game. Me and my 308 are in love with the hornady 150 gr sst, this round is unreal, 1 inch groups 200 yards. Last thing get a chamber brush! And watch the rounds for burs if you load and unload the gun a lot from the clip.
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