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Ruger or Savage hunting rifle

Guns Like firearms themselves, there's a wide variety of opinions on what's the best gun.

Ruger or Savage hunting rifle

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NRA for life
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Default RE: Ruger or Savage hunting rifle

Thanks for the offer davs but not sure when I would ever have the time and I have looked at the Savages and like them. I have also heard good things about them. The only problem with BP is didn't have the 7-08 the last time I looked. They were going to look and call me but they never did. I did find a place in Weatherford that sells rifles and might go there.

game4lunch--I had thought about a .308 but isn't it very simular to a 7mm-08. From what I have read the 7mm-08 will take anything in North America that I would ever hope to hunt.

The Rifleman---Price is not a factor and it kind of offended me that you wrote that. Maybe you didn't mean it that way but that is how I took it. I don't really need another rifle, more of a want.If I could talk my Wife into it, I could buy a lot more guns. She think I have too many now and I only have 8 guns total Ijust want something lighter and different. Something I won't mind if it gets scratched.

Happy New Years to everyone and thanks for the imput.
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Default RE: Ruger or Savage hunting rifle

basspro is a joke if you need anyhelp!! The best place as far as price is outdoor america here in OKC http://www.outdooramericastore.com/ They only carry certain brands and im not sure if they carry Savage, but they are always extremely helpful. Also my step dad always goes to Murf's guns, I believe its in Duncan. He loves that place, you may give them a call if the place in Weatherford cant get you one. Good luck trying to narrow down which one you will get...theres so many great guns out there
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Old 01-02-2008, 07:05 AM
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Default RE: Ruger or Savage hunting rifle

I too would go for the Savage. The only thing I don't like about the Ruger is the 3 position safety. I prefer the tang safety on the Savage. I like the trigger on the Savage although I haven't tried the new Ruger triggers yet. Other than that its just a matter of which you prefer and what fits you better.
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Default RE: Ruger or Savage hunting rifle

Ruger...maybe try a Ruger...oh and have you checked out a Ruger lately? but Savage rifles are good too[&:] I like the ring mount setup on Rugers and overall, they produce an excellent piece imo. My rifle of choice has always been Ruger, ever since i purchased my 1st one, a 10/22.
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Default RE: Ruger or Savage hunting rifle

It wasn't ment to be offensive.

It was ment to make you think about it.

My sister and brother in law are divorced.

My brother in law owned lot's of guns and even had a few of them customized and even bought a high priced Weatherby with a Leupold scope that cost more than my first car.

My sister, at that time, was driving a 1998 Ford Taurus - 45 miles a day to work, that had over 100,000 miles on it and was giving her problems.

My brother in law went on his hunting trips and bought the guns that he wanted and my sister paid the bills at the house out of her meager paycheck.

My brother in law, had a newer Jeep and his place of employment was 300 yards down the road from their house.

You would think that they would have gotten a house that was somewhere in the middle between the two jobs and been able to make it easier on my sister, since she was the bread winner.

So bragging that you have 8 guns doesn't impress me.
I have 15, I also live alone and don't have any kids to speak of.

Sometimes you have to do things to keep peace in the family and not just think about yourself.

Income tax return time is coming around and lot's of people will be walking around looking at guns - acting likelike J. D. Rockefellerfor a week or two until the money is spent.
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Default RE: Ruger or Savage hunting rifle

Been in your shoes.Same suspects as far as brands. Found the Tikka and can now, not imagine buying anything else.
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Default RE: Ruger or Savage hunting rifle

Sounds like your are bragging Rifleman. I was not bragging, more the opposite.

davs-- I have bought several guns from Outdoor America. It was always one of my favorite stores.

Indiana--- I have thought about a Tikka, just not sure where to get them here in Oklahoma. Need to look around some more.

jlbspd---I have a 10/22 also and love it. The Ruger #1 is a nice rifle, maybe a little too nice anda little heavy. Seems like I walk a lot during hunting season.
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Default RE: Ruger or Savage hunting rifle

I have owned both in the past. The Savages have been far more accurate out of the box. I actually just bought a new Savage 14 American Classic in 7mm-08. Beautiful rifle !!
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Default RE: Ruger or Savage hunting rifle

Rifleman - It wasn't ment to be offensive.

It was ment to make you think about it.

My sister and brother in law are divorced

It was offensive,

He is thinking about it; Ruger or Savage,

And nobody gives a flying poop stain that your sister married a jackass.

The man asked an opinion on two different rifles. If you have an opinion on one these rifles fine, but I see no need for him to justify to you about wether he needs a new rifle or not. As for the original post, I love my Rugers!
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