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Default homeprotection

what would be a good handgun for home protection

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Default RE: homeprotection

I would say go for a handgun in 45 ACP or my personal favorite a remington 870 12 gauge with buck shot.
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Default RE: homeprotection

i too would opt for a shotgun over a pistol...

load her up with some stiff turkey loads and your ready to rool. alot of guys say buckshot...but alot of guys dont think about their children in the next room...or the neighbor across the road...a stiff turkey load to the robber will do enough damage to secure the you alot more room for error over a pistol...and with shot, isnt likely to over penetrate the target or walls...

you can get as fancy as youd like with it...from a real homedefense/tactical style gun with the bells and whistles and short barrel etc...or just use your hunting shotgun if you have one...

nothing says "i mean business" like working the pump action of a shotgun...alot of people say thats all you need to do if you have someone break in is work the action...that sound is unmistakable, and youd have to be an idiot to walk towards that sound...

just my opinion...
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Default RE: homeprotection

A good shotgun is hard to beat. If you are wanting to get a handgun, I've owned quite a few and my pick is the Springfield XD 40 Tactical.

How much are you willing to spend, and what kind of quality are you looking for?
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Default RE: homeprotection

ORIGINAL: spike76

what would be a good handgun for home protection
One that you are comfortable and practiced with.

I have a Glock 17 and an 870 w/ Buckshot. I figure I can grab what is appropriate for the situation at hand.

I would worry about over-penetration with .45 ACP, but that may not be a concern for you if houses in your neighborhood are spaced far apart or you live in an area with cinder-block or concrete walls.
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Default RE: homeprotection

I normally recommend a 357 magnum revolver loaded with medium pwer .357 or +P 38 specials. It's reliable, plenty of power, and it's easilyused by spouses that might not "gun people".
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Default RE: homeprotection

I got a 40 s&w glock under the bed and a bps w/00 behind the door. Make sure you shoot plenty of rounds through whatever you decide to use. Shoot first......ask questions later!
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Default RE: homeprotection

shotgun for sure. No shoulder stock, just the pistol gripwith apump action.
The racking of the slideis enough to make your adversary think twice.

Handgun? 4" 357 magnum revolver. I just cant trust an automatic in a high tense situation. I need the dependability of point and squeeze.
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Default RE: homeprotection

I have a Ruger 40 that I keep by the bed under a towel, a 12ga in the closet by the door so Im not caught off guard and then another 12ga behind the bedroom door.
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Default RE: homeprotection

This one's probably not as simple as it works, but I think some of the key points have been brought up already: 1) overpenetration, 2) "fright factor" associated with a pump shotgunand 3) stopping power.

If I were to buy a new handgun, I'd be looking at a .40 or .45, and have been really impressed with the Springfield XD. I already own a couple 9mms. After a year in Iraq, I won't recommend that caliber as anything but "last ditch".

I'm not a single guy with no kids though, and with that in mind, I think I'd have to vote for the shotgun, and preferably a 12ga pump, and I'd probably prefer a good turkey load over buck as has already been mentioned. Of course, I have a couple large dogs too. They raise the "unpredictability" factor significantly foranyone attempting to become my next lawn ornament.
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