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Default RE: homeprotection

IMO you should go with a revolver. I realize they are old school, but there is something about old school. A revolver goes off every time you pull the trigger. Too many things can go wrong with a semi-auto. If a semi doesnot go off you are in trouble. If a revolver does not go off you simply pull the trigger again. Old ammo can be aproblem. Most people load their defense gun, and then may not touch it for year's. That is the major reason to keep it simple.

You should prepare any one in the home who might have to use it. Revolver's are just easier to use. It is that simple.

Get a cartridge that is manageable as far as recoil is concerned. Reloading is not an issue. If you need more than 6or 7 shot's then you are in big trouble. High capacity magazines are a poor excuse for poor marksmanship. Learn to shoot your revolver, and it will be your best friend in the time of need.

Another great item is a Lithium light. I am getting ready to buy one of the pulsing one's myself. Tom.
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Default RE: homeprotection

A 12ga pump shotgun with 2-3/4" with #4 buckshot or 2-3/4" low recoil 00 buckshot.
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Default RE: homeprotection

12 Ga Pump W/20" barrel and #2 Buck
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Default RE: homeprotection

For a pistol, I like the Glock 22 and the Springfield XD .40. Put in a mixed load of ball, HP, and CCI shotshells. My favorite is still the 12 ga. shotgun.
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Default RE: homeprotection

Well, after owning a Taurus "The Judge" 45/410 revolver I gotta go with that. Something about a face full of #4 shot followed by a 45 slug to the gut.....
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Default RE: homeprotection

Can't believe some of the stuff you hear on here...

1. Birdshot does not reliably penetrate (humans) enough to incapacitate/kill.
2. If anything, 9MM will penetrate MORE than .45 ACP (smaller bullet/higher velocity).
3. Even though it would be "stupid" to come any further if you hear a shotgun slide-racking sound, do you think your common criminal is a criminal because he could have been a brain surgeon?

For a handgun, any 9MM, 40, or 45 ACP will work (for autoloaders) as long as you are shooting quality hollowpoint ammunition.

For a shotgun, use slugs or buckshot, not birdshot or turkey loads, and try to not make it where you have to "rack the slide" unless you like to give bad guys the advantage by telling them where you are and informing them that you are armed, so they know to come in shooting...

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Default RE: homeprotection

I will second the Taurus "Judge".....A 410 shot shell at those ranges will disuade just about anybody without over peratrating......Then like TUK101 said there is always the 45LC if you do need to shoot through a wall.....Plus its priced right..!
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Default RE: homeprotection


Shoot first......ask questions later!
Not a particularly good alibi, or even way of life.

Home protection? A shotgun is a good choice. Load it with 2-3/4in of whatever, it'll do the trick at across-the-room distances; large birdshot or small buckshot ideal. Most any centerfire pistol will do; the arguments between 9mm/.38/.357/.40/.45 are just arguments. Pistol much harder to employ effectively than shotgun, MUCH easier to miss with when rattled (which you probably will be, if you ever have cause to shoot).

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Default RE: homeprotection

Go with the Judge it has plenty of intimidation factor.

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Default [Deleted]

[Deleted by Admins]
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