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Remington corelokt

Old 11-26-2007, 07:18 PM
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Default Remington corelokt

I had a not so great experience recently with a Remington Corelokt bullet.I held for a shoulder shot on a buck at close range,30 to 35 yards.Long story short I hit the deer exactly where I was intending to but the bullet literally blew up upon impact.Certainly crippled the deer but didn't get in to his chest cavity.I was stunned.While he certainly would have died as a result of the first shot,I shot him again at about 60 yards to put him down for good.
.270caliber 130 grain bullet.I have alternated between corelokt's and federal premiums Barnes X bullet.I have hadthe Barnes X zip through with very little expansion though.I am considering going back to Nosler partition's or Accubonds or the Trophy Bonded bear claws.
I would be intersted to hear some views as to the reasoning for the blow up and what bullets have been proven performers for you.
The only thing I can think of is close shot and the speed of the bullet.I want to use up the ammunition I have but unless I have to I am going to stay away from the shoulders.I am not looking to have this be a conversation about shot placement.I have always been a chest cavity or shoulder shooter depending upon what I am given.
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Default RE: Remington corelokt

With 270 velocities and being that close I think you just experienced a blow up that can happen with normal shelf ammo when you're up real close and stricke some bone. The core-loct isn't the hardiest of loads but usually does fine with normal conditions. You were a trifle close but I'd be disappointed in that performance. I'd run it by Remington.

You are correct to consider that the Partition would have probably performed better, but who knows, it may have just gone one through with little expansion........
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Default RE: Remington corelokt

I use Core Lokt ammo in my .243 and I've never had one that didn't completely penetrate a whitetail.
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Default RE: Remington corelokt

That does not sound like the norm. I agree, ask BIG GREEN.
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Default RE: Remington corelokt

I use them in my inline muzzleloader and the few deer that I hit at close range the bullets mushroomed just like there suppose to. Also did a great job on the tree that I hit when I missed a deer.
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Default RE: Remington corelokt

I shot 2 bucks last week with 140's from the 7-08. One shot through both shoulders and exited...the other went through the entire length of the deer and exited. I couldnt ask for bette rperformance than what they have been giving me. What happened to you was definitely not typical for them.
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Default RE: Remington corelokt

I've shot four deer using Remington's Core Lokt ammo. One with my 280 Rem., two with my308 Win. and one with my 35 Rem. I shot two of them in the shoulder. Onewith my 280 using 140 gr. Core Lokts and one with my 308 using 150 gr. Core Lokts. Both were bang-flops.Neither deer took another step. Both bullets went through both shoulders and exited leaving a quartersize exit wound.My 280 was about a 50 yard shot and my308 was about a 75 yard shot. I was pretty happy with their performance. Bullets arelike anything else that's manufactured. Something can always go wrong. Sounds to me like something might have gone wrongwith that particular bullet you used. [/align][/align]
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Default RE: Remington corelokt

About 3 years ago my brother shot a nice buck with his 270 from his tree stand. (that he also bow hunts out of) The deer stopped almost under him, when he fired... The buck fell but was thrashing around moveing off, so he shot it again... He was using 130 Corloks and the bullets blew up going in, blowing open a fair sizedhole. He has now switched to handloading 130 NP's...

A couple weeks ago his SILshot a nice buck from an elevated stand "at close range" with "his" 270, hitting a rib and the same thing happened! He ended up shooting it 3 times before it stayed down for good...

So, i believe what the origional poster wrote, the 270, 130's Corlokts many times just can't take that high of an impact velocity without coming apart... They are designed to be a longer range bullet, working best after it has slowed down a bit.

As for those posting arout how well "their" Corloks have performed, that's just not relevant to what 270 130's are doing... They are a completely different bullet, even though they havethe same name...

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Default RE: Remington corelokt

If your shooting bone at high velocity close shots you'll have to use a sturdier bullet.No if's ands or buts or use a slower velocity cartridge which will do just fine...35 rem 30/30 44 mag 444 mag 45/70 and use standard cup bullets
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Default RE: Remington corelokt

I used to shoot coreloks out of my 25-06 but they were just too explosive--very accurate but didn't hold together too well
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