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is it enough?

Guns Like firearms themselves, there's a wide variety of opinions on what's the best gun.

is it enough?

Old 01-04-2003, 08:28 PM
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Default is it enough?

I have a 243 and a 270 and most of my hunting involves whitetails. I want to get a 30 caliber rifle. I know the 3006 is loved but I really don't want one. I would love to go on an elk hunt and am I'm trying to decide between the 300 win mag and 308. I know there is alot of power difference here but I'm thinking the 308 would be alot more pleasant to shoot. Finally my question, do you all think a 308 is enough for elk?
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Old 01-04-2003, 08:46 PM
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Default RE: is it enough?

The 308 works just fine as an elk rifle at short to moderate ranges.The 300win mag adds power but also adds noticeable recoil over the 308.If you are recoil sensitive the 308 may be the best choice for you.
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Old 01-04-2003, 09:20 PM
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Default RE: is it enough?

You might want to try one of the new 300 WSM. The short mags are supposed to have noticably less recoil than the 300 winchester or weatherby mag with about the same ballistics.
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Old 01-04-2003, 09:24 PM
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Default RE: is it enough?

The .300 WSM has no where near the ballistics of a .300 Wby and is still a little ways behind a .300 Winny. It does, however, put the .308 Win and the .30-06 in the back seat, and it does not kick as much as the other mags.

The .308 Win is a fine round and is certainly adequate for elk out to 250 yards or so with proper bullets. If you want a little more punch and want to keep the short action, check out the .300 WSM.

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Old 01-04-2003, 09:36 PM
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Default RE: is it enough?

300 Mag. Good luck.
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Old 01-05-2003, 12:01 AM
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Default RE: is it enough?

In my opinion the 270win you have is a better elk round than the 308win . If your recoil shy stick with your 270 win ,if not try the 300 win mag .
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Default [Deleted]

[Deleted by Admins]
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Default RE: is it enough?

A caution on the 300WSM regarding the recoil. Some of the manufacturers are really getting the weight down on their WSM rifles, which can noticeably add to the felt recoil. I do think the 300WSM is something to consider.

I don't know that I'd agree that the 300WSM has put the 30-06 "in the back seat" though. While I don't own the 300WSM I think it's a viable alternative. The 300 win mag has been around longer, has nice balistics, and has more ammo variety and availability. If that hasn't stopped the 30-06 I don't think the WSM will.

Have you thought about taking a bigger step up, perhaps to the 338?
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Old 01-05-2003, 03:43 AM
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Default RE: is it enough?

Just a little counter balance to the "... 308 is fine..." then PLEASE decide on your own first hand experience.
In answer to your question:
If you already have a 308 and you are NOT buying, then go for it. Use 180gr bullets and consider Federal's High Energy loads.
If you don't have a 308 and you are thinking of buying one specifically for an elk gun, then NO, go heavier.
If you don't want to go heavier, then save some money - use the 270 with 160gr nosler partitions, but you'll have to reload for this combo.
Here is my logic:
243 for varmits and light stuff - good choice, excellent.
270 for deer and mid-range gun - good choice, excellent.

It appears that these two should take care of all of your pleasure shooting needs. So regarding your next gun (elk gun) a question to be answered is do you want to "finish out" your rack of rifles (your hunting toolbox) or just add more mid-range stuff.

You and your dollars are now at the "fork in the road" with two choices:
(1) Add a incremental caliber that will leave you "stuck in the middle." (And you'll now have three rifles for pleasure shooting.)
(2) Finish out your rack with a true "big game" caliber that you won't outgrow and one that will let you "slap down" elk and bigger game and thus allow you go anywhere in North America with confidence (You can still use your other two rifles for pleasure shooting.)

Consider the following:
(A) 223, 6MM, 270, 308, 3006, 338 (2), 375HH - got them all and like them all and brag on them all for the jobs for which they are BEST. However, when we (3 of us) go to elk camp the 308 and lower calibers don't even make the trip even as a back up/reserve rifle! NOT that we don't like them - we do, they just aren't as good for the elk job.
(B) My twin boys now 20 and 160 pounds shoot the 338's so maybe, just maybe, on an outside chance, this recoil thing is a little overstated - don't let it be thrust upon you with out first hand experience and judgment!
(C) You can load a magnum down, but you can't load a "mid-range" up!

Texas is rich with hunting tradition. See lots of folks from Texas elk hunting each year. Find someone with the 300WinMag with 180gr and a 338WinMag with 200gr and check it out for yourself in a non-target range environment (standing off hand, or standing using a tree or sitting shooting over your knees - no bench rests in elk country). I'm betting that of the two you'll find the 338 kicks less than the 300WinMag plus as you mature with it you can move up to 225gr, 250gr, and if you reload 275gr and 300gr bullets.

You will find "pleasure shooting" for elk is a different standard, its the punishment the elk takes that paramount! Personally, I don't hear the report or feel the recoil in the normal sense. I'm focusing on the kill and if you hunt I'm sure you know what I mean.

Good judgment comes from bad experience! Half of elk hunting is knowing what NOT to do!

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Default RE: is it enough?

Recoil is not that hard to overcome, if yo have the money, time and ambition to master any caliber. I shoot 30-06 and 338 for my big game hnting, and use a 308 for pleasure, a 243 for varmint/coyote.

I have also shot just about every other caliber out there at one time or another, finally settling on what works for me. Heavy recoil is mastered, not endured. Firm grip, body looseness and tension, trigger feel, good shooting postions etc all help to make it manageable. My 338 has a HARD recoil pad from the factory, is almost 30 years old, weighs 9.5 lbs and yes, it bites if you don't watch yourself.

Now with that said, while the 338 works fo rme, my hunting partner asked what I would buy if I were to do it again, and my answer is either the long 300 win or a weatherby. I reload and that would give me every possible option to handle anything I am ever going to see. And in comparison to what else is out there, is easily mastered.
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