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Default dan wesson 357 mag

info needed. i have a dan wesson medium frame revolver. bbl. is 3.1 in. marked, DAN WESSON ARMS 357 MAGNUM CTG. frame is marked, DAN WESSON ARMS MONSON,MASS. U.S.A. this gun has wooden grips,which appear to have the high standard logo on a metal inlay at the top of each grip. bbl. shroud has the newer style nut. front of cyl. stamped w/letter 's' the cyl. must be 38 spl., because 357 dosen't fit. did these guns come with 2 cylinders? any info greatly appreciated. thanks.
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Default RE: dan wesson 357 mag

I was not aware that Dan Wesson Arms made pistols with interchangable cylinders. I also wasn't aware that they offered pistols chambered in .38 Special. I've had one of their .357 revolvers for over 25 years, and it's a great pistol. At the time, they cost half as much as a Colt Python, and mine was much more accurate than a friend's Python...

I suppose it's possible they made a pistol in .38 Special, and someone installed a barrel/shroud marked .357. I assume that the reason the .357's won't fit is because they're too long, right? You might want to take it to a gunsmith and have it inspected/measured, etc.
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Default RE: dan wesson 357 mag

Same here. I have had three pistol pacs, 357, 41 Mag and 44 mag. I didn't know they made a 38 special. I have never seen one.
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Default RE: dan wesson 357 mag

Cyl. is definetly chambered for 38 spl.[357 mag shell works for no gogauge]. Also did some measuring[tough to dowith out taking chamber casting]. Min. chamber length for 38 spl is 1.105 in., Min. chamber length for 357 is 1.240 in. I set my caliper depth gauge at 1.240, entering from the rim side of cyl., looking through cyl. from front in bright sunlight, I could see gauge was fair amount past forcing cone in cyl. Rear of chamber measures .381 in. I know somebody has done some parts swapping, I was just trying to figure out what came first. The chicken or the egg? [Im guessing the bbl. was swapped.... much easier to change than cyl.] Thanks.
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Default RE: dan wesson 357 mag

The cylinder may have been switched. I believe that at one time you could get the 357max, 357mag, and 38spl cylinder in a package from Dan Wesson but, I think it was only in the 6 inch barrel though.

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