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.45 ACP / .45 GAP - Semi-autos

Old 12-27-2011, 06:38 PM
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For me personally, the .45GAP was a solution to a question I never asked (also true for the vast majority of recreational shooters nationwide).

The .45GAP was ultimately meant to match the .45acp's performance, but in a "standard" sized pistol. Having average "man sized hands", I have no trouble wrapping my hands around a 1911 grip, nor a Glock 21. Miestrojerry has it PART right. The .45gap matches .45acp+P in PRESSURE, but not in performance. It had to be higher pressure to MATCH the .45acp in performance. Both are pushing a 230grn pill to 900-950fps, and a 200grn pill to 1050-1100fps, except the .45GAP is doing it from a shorter case. Much like the .45acp almost identically matches the performance of a .45colt, but does so at a higher pressure, from a shorter case.

Honestly, for most handgunners that I have worked with in the last 15yrs, if they had too small of hands for a .45acp, they would ALSO have recoil issues with a .45acp OR gap as a service/duty weapon. Ultimately, if your hands are too small for a 45, then YOU'RE probably too small. That's not to say you couldn't handle one, but in my experience, people that small WOULD have problems handling the recoil as far as split times, i.e. time between shots because they're struggling to get back on target. That's why the 10mm, .45acp, .357mag, etc were removed from favor with the FBI. No, they don't recoil THAT MUCH, but yes, they do recoil enough to slow down the average operator enough that it became a liability.

The difference in ammo cost and selection is enough to deter me from buying another GAP, and again, based on the "benefits" of the GAP, I'm not highly motivated to do so for any reason. The .45acp works, it fits my hand, the ammo is cheaper, and the availability and selection is about 10x that of the gap in my area.

As far as the weapon choice goes, that's kind of like choosing your underwear. It's a highly personal thing. Kimber is fantastic for 1911's. I have 2 Springfield 1911's as well that I am very happy with, although they are far less refined than the Kimbers (function as well or better, though). Wilson Combat also makes a MEAN 1911, but they're pretty proud of them. The Glock 21 is a great pistol, but personally, if I want a polymer pistol, .45acp doesn't spring to mind. It IS nice having 14rnds, rather than 8.

What is your intended purpose for this weapon? If you're looking for a casual plinker, that's a very different weapon than an IDPA race gun, or a ccw weapon. Knowing a little more about your intended purpose would help narrow down the selection list.
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Old 12-28-2011, 05:13 AM
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A 1911 is the best semi out there, after 100 years nobody has been able to make a significant change to it. Totally customizable and you don't need to be a gunsmith to do most changes. My only other semi i like is a Smith & Wesson M&P, it's fit and feel plus it's silkly smooth, low profile slide makes it feel like i'm just pointing my finger.
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45acp isnt a hard recoiling gun, no worse then a 357mag. I have large hands, so handling the 1911 isnt an issue. My wife loves shooting my 1911s, and hates the recoil of the 40s&w in her M&P. Like others, the GAP is the solution to a problem that really doesnt exist, and could argue, a bandaid to glocks small frame.
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the 45 gap came around because the owner of GLOCK will not stamp or engrave another manufacturers name on any of his pistols. such as .40 S&W is always stamped .40 that is it. .45 acp is stamped .45 . Most that were sent out to police departments where turned back in after several departments had barrels split.

You want to try an .45 round out. I just shot a customers .45 WIN MAG, the other day... HOLY $#@%. lol.
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The 45 GAP was an attempt to make a new round popular by Glock. The reason that some states use the 45 GAP has more to do with guns sold just above cost to get them in use then anything else.

I'm not arguing that the round is good or bad. It's just Glock trying to get their round in the market.

It's a round that really has not taken off. I doubt that it will at this rate. It's not a round that people have written much about, nor has it taken off like other rounds that have been developed.

As others have said, it was an answer to a problem that was never asked.

At this time, it appears the 45 GAP may go away. Much like the 10 mm is slowly going away. Both rounds need more support to survive long term, and the 10 mm has far more support than the 45 GAP.
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Why don't you try Kimber 1911 .45 ACP. Its worth getting one. Look at the firing video.

I got one few days back from an online shop Eurooptic. Excited for the test.

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It's a wonder that the GAP is not completely dead by now! As others have said," it's the answer to a question that no one asked!"
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I haven't seen a new pistol chambered for the Gap in years. I've seen very dusty used ones at gun shows.

I suppose there's just enough of them out there that ammo has to keep pumping, and I'm sure Glock has the resources to sustain a less-than-self-sustaining pistol model, although I'm sure not many new ones are being produced.

The only reason I really commented on this one was because I've been equally surprised that Ruger did a run of .480Ruger Super Redhawks and Alaskans this year, after almost 2 yrs of not producing them. For all intents and purposes, the .480R is graveyard dead, but I suppose this is the perfect timing for them - the .460S&W and 500 offered a resurgence of big bore revolver interest, but we're a few years into that and many folks have TRIED the X-frames and either didn't like the extreme cost or the extreme size, and went looking for a more practical revolver. What revolver matches extreme fire power with reasonable cost and manageable size? The Ruger Super Redhawk is the answer, and 480 IS bigger than 460...

I was just talking with a buddy last night about Ruger's proprietary cartridges. The .204Ruger has done very well, as have the Ruger African Magnums (.375 and .416), but the rest haven't garnered much market share (.327fed, reviving the .32H&R, 480R, 300 and 338 RCM's).

I think our current firearms industry is an "everyman's market". Proprietary and specialty cartridges only have a niche as "I have something different than you have" but the average joe blow that bought his first gun at 35yrs of age and doesn't know the first thing about it doesn't take a risk on something unique unless it's "really cool."
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