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turkey shoot guns

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turkey shoot guns

Old 02-08-2007, 06:37 AM
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Default RE: turkey shoot guns

I used to do rhem every weekend when i lived in Alabama. I got a Super Full Turkey Choke for my Mossberg and had rifles sights put on it. We couldnt use any type of sight other then normal shotgun sights or rifle sights. I would always win atleast one thing. The shot they gave us was just the cheap 100 round box of skeet load from Wal-Mart.
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Old 02-08-2007, 07:07 PM
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Default RE: turkey shoot guns

Mauser...I go to one for $$$ and attend weekly. Some shoots approach $500 for the winner of a single shoot. There are a lot of things you can do. Only rules we have are 36" barrel or less and .670 choke min. Most of us even shoot scopes. (It's 105' off-hand shooting) The normal beads on a shotgun cover up the paper at that distance.

I shoot a Rem 1100 that I bought a 36" grooved hastings barrel for. (Already back-bored) and I put a .670 choke in it. I also topped the gun with a 4X single dot Unertl Hawk scope.

It wins as many shoots as any other I've seen...and I've been around a few.

The smaller the choke doesn't necessarily mean a smaller pattern. A buddy I shoot with shoots a .680 choke that blows his .670 out of the water. It's dependant on the gun.

Many will say it's luck...and there is some luck involved. BUT, the same guys seem to do 90% of the winning in our league.
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Old 02-08-2007, 08:39 PM
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Default RE: turkey shoot guns

wow...500$s a shot! whats the round fees and how many shooters??? the one i been to a couple times is a dollar or something a shot i believe. we do have a few money rounds..but i think in the end youd win 20-30$ or something. usually 20-30 shooters depending on the day. im considering buying a cardshooter choke. after i confirm the ammo IS NOT tampered with. then scoping my gun(been wanting to scope it anyways) then i can go around to all the shoots...shoot the money round..and have a part time job every sunday by takin guy's money at the shoot next time i go(maybe next sunday if i got time..) im going to check out the shells and everyones guns. ive never noticed anyone with a serious lookin gun. or serious lookin targets. i may take my mossberg 500 with a 28 inch barrel and the full spectrum of chokes..as well as my 28-30 inch mod barreled winchester 50. maybe one of my other shotguns i havent tried will shoot good. maybbbbbe ill set up the 500 just for turkey shoots..its already drilled and tapped. i can put a scope on it easy..i dont want turkeys and hams and kilbasi..i want the money! lol. wonder if i can find any BIG real competative shoots..stead of guys gettin drunk at the gun clubs that i deal with now.
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Old 02-09-2007, 05:00 AM
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Default RE: turkey shoot guns

Mauser...that's $500 to the winner. It's at a local legion, and it costs $55 for each of the 10 entries. The legion keeps $50 from the big shoots. That makes up their costs for shells, targets and times.

They have some meat shoots, but their popular shoot is the $90. Each guy pays $10, and the winner gets $100 for that shoot.

They use the AA # 7 1/2 shot ammo.
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Old 02-10-2007, 11:18 AM
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Default RE: turkey shoot guns

Most turkey shoot guns are sleeved and back bored.There was an old man near me who used to make them for people.My best turkey shoot gun is a Winchester model 37 red letter .where it locks up is model 37 it has a Winchester model 12 chamber.Then 36" of barrel(looks like water pipe).This one is .639 .Shoots 9s awesome does not like 8s very much.As far as improving your odds you can run a swab through your barrel coated with vasoline it is good for one shot ,But thats cheating.You can lightly bite all of the way around your shell to get it almost open then spit in it .This is not cheating.One of the best factory guns is a Reminton 1100 ,2 3/4 with a 30" full chokebarrel most of these I have ever seen worked well at the shoots.I sometimes go to super shoots in Richmond Va. They shoot 60" barrels and scopes these shoots are for $10,000.Some of our local shoots vary in the rules a stock class gun must be able to stick a 20 gauge shell in the end of the barrel.Die hard shooters have some pretty strange rituals in this sport.
It's pretty much fun to watch .Luck sometimes has a lot to do with it.I went one time with a 870 special purpose 3" ,28" barrel with a double xtra full turkey ckoke and won 12 out of 13 rounds that night against modified guns.Brought home a truck load of meat .Enough pork to blow a gasket.
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Old 02-10-2007, 09:08 PM
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Default RE: turkey shoot guns

There are still several shoots around here, but since I can't compete I don't attend. I used to go often, but when the same few people win every shot, it's like I'm just donating to their pocket book. In my area most shoots are $5.00 per shot, with many for meat and the rest for a portion of the pot. I think they are usually fired at 25-28 yds and with either reloads or new shells and either #8 or #9 shot. At some any gun is allowed and that means several shootoffs to try and detirmin the winner, as some of those guns will just turn the card inside out, and a measurement is not possible.
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Old 04-23-2011, 10:26 PM
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most turkey shoots shoot at distances between 69-105 feet. some clubs use only one size of shot and then you have the clubs that shoot the three most common turkey shoot shot sizes 7 1/2,8,and 9 shot. the brand of shells depends on how much the club wants to spend my personal favorite brands are federal top gun and rio. there are a few diff. types of classes stock and outlaw. stock is guns that have not been modified. most clubs have limits to the tightness of chokes in stock class some clubs will use a micrometer an others will use a 20 guage shell when they use a 20 gauge shell they will slide it in the end of the barrel if it fits you can shoot it. ive seen clubs with a limit of .685 choke and .740 bore. with the outlaw class anything goes pretty well i dont like outlaw shoots because if you dont have the money to drop into a sleeved gun or a custom sleeved long barrel you dont stand a great chance of winning. some clubs shoots x's or crosshairs. then you have the cards were you win one way or the other or both. one of the cards has a one circle with an x or dot in the center you can win by putting the most bb's in the circle or you can win by getting the closest bb to the x or dot the they have a 2 3/4 - 3in circle that has the same basic principle. hope this helps anyone who reads this.

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Talking RE: turkey shoot guns

I can tell you that the turkey shoots here have rules. No sights just beads, they have bore measures milled to the bore(20 gauge diameter for 12) and back bore (and they will check it win or lose(there is a line to check all guns before you buy your chit), once checked all guns will stay on the rack until the round is over, 12 gauge and under...No 10's, max length 32 inchs, Shells will be supplied by the club, they will be 9 or 8 shot (all the same per match straight out of the box), all guns are to be factory spec, all cards are judged by three non-shooters on a number only basis, judgments are final.

Given these restrictions I have found that my browning in 3&1/2 12 blows those cards up. Last shoot I brought home 6 of 12 prizes for the day (would have been 7 but my father-in-law double shot my target so we got disqualified). I won't shoot for money cause I don't want them to disqualify my gun. Last year alone I paid for the cost of the gun in grocery's and can't wait to do it again this year.
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