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Almost there but ran into a delimma ...need quick help??

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Default RE: Almost there but ran into a delimma ...need quick help??

If I could have three good rifles, or one ultimate rifle. I would go with one ultimate rifle. Buy the best now!!! If you do not, then you will do it later in life, which will only cost you more. Tom.
That says it all!!! I agree 100%...

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Default RE: Almost there but ran into a delimma ...need quick help??

Well actually I have never bought a rifle. My dad gave me a Marlin 30-30 when I was a late teen ager and my father in law gave me a Steyr 6-7 years ago ! I had got into bowhunting and really haven't shot a rifle much in 10 years !!

I am wanting to get back intorifle hunting..........bowhunting has been awesome and rewarding(I have close to 40 kills and 5 P&Y animals) !!

So if I can shed some buddy has the good stuff and I by all means like it and want it !! But I have a practical side that creeps in !! I bought the Diavari that I have on my .6mm (3x9x42 1") and I heard it was the best.......heard it was just as good as the big ones.........heard that a 1" vs 30 mm was no different !! But another one of my buddy's bought a Kahles 3x12x56-30mm........and his scope is better in low light than mine(not leaps and bounds.......but better) !! My Dad has a 3x9x40 Monarch UCC that really is not that much worse !!

I really just think after a week of this............the average guy can get all he needs out ofa Tikka T3 and a Meopta..........I have not tried this out but seems like that could be just as good of a gun as a Kimber/Ziess VMV if you can get over the looks part of the equation and you are not a complete gun fanatic!

Two of my best friends and serious rifle hunters have told me to get the Swarovski.........and said if I don't like it........sell it and get a Meopta and pocket some change !! It sounds good to me.........the guns I am getting rid of are nice but just about completely useless to me and would be useless to anyone who just hunts and doesn't collect guns !! Kinda nice to have but for what IMO ..........I'd rather have something I like using !!

My heavy weight friend that is a big time rifle hunter and optics nut has not called me back yet............he's the one I really want to talk to about it !!

But pretty sure right now I am going to pick up the A-bolt tomorrow and get the can I really go wrong with that for $1600-
$1700 bucks ????
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Default RE: Almost there but ran into a delimma ...need quick help??

For $1700 you could get a pretty awesome rifle and a Leopold VX-II or III and do everything that the Swaro will do. IMO
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Default RE: Almost there but ran into a delimma ...need quick help??

I'd pick a swaro or zeissover a leupold any day of the week!

As far as a rifle I prefer 700's to abolts but if you like the abolt and it fits you better then you won't be dissapointed.

I assume you'll be reloading for the .280 rem (forgive me I never checked your other posts), if so it is a fine choice. If buying factory ammo then you may want to check local availability of .280 rem offerings and if not good opt for a 7mm rem mag instead.

Good Luck
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Default RE: Almost there but ran into a delimma ...need quick help??

IN the upper end 1" scopes, you will not be able to tell a lot of difference. Nikon Monarch, Bushnell 4200, Leupold VX III ...etc. You can tell a difference between a 1" scope and a 30 mm scope. The 30 mm scope is better at transmitting ( not gathering ) light. There is some difference ( but not a lot ) in a 40 mm vs a 50 mm in the 1 " scopes, just like there is a difference between the 50 mm and 56 mm in the 30 mm scopes.

But just realize the height you have to mount a 56 mm belled , 30 mm scope. You would have to mount the thing on the highest rings you could find, which will take it out of the normal sight plane along the comb. But some people don't mind that.

I definitely want you to get what you want, butare you wanting the name brands,or doyou want good quality that will get the job done, but where you are not throwing money away. I personally would want the best I could get, but also what falls within the laws of deminishing returns. In other words, could I spend 800.00 and get a set up that is 95 % of what I like best, or should I spend 1600.00 to get 100 % of what I like best. That 5 % cost you double. For that you could buy 2 of the 95 % set up's. But in the end it will be what ever makes you happiest. Only you knows what will truely satisify you.

Good luck in your decision, and God Bless

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Default RE: Almost there but ran into a delimma ...need quick help??

To MichaelT: Your analogy of 95% to 5% is spot on. However there is a problem. The first few minutes of daylight, and the last few minutes of daylight are what constitutes the 5%. There is a difference in glass. And yes you are right, most good glass will perform 95% of the time. But my major concern is the other 5%. I would definitely go with the Swarovski.
Most people who argue about 30mm, and 1 inch scopes. And 40mm versus 50mm, versus 56mm, should study about optics. Each choice has it's pro's and con's. All my go to rifles carry Swarovski optics, and there truly is a good reason. Tom.
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Default RE: Almost there but ran into a delimma ...need quick help??

I've looked through swaravski scopes and I do think they make a superior product. With that said, I usually leave the woods at dark for ethical reasons and not because I can't see through my scope. My most expensive scope is $600 and my least expensiveis a $130 Aetec.

You'll be happy with the set up you've chosen but you'll be lighter in the pocket.

I would advise you to take Jeepkid's advice.

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Default RE: Almost there but ran into a delimma ...need quick help??

I think you are going to be very happy with your choice.
IMHO Swarovski optics are worth every penny they cost. I am thinking real hard about topping my 25-06 with a Swarovski scope? I have a Burris on it, that I do not care for.
Live & learn.
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Default RE: Almost there but ran into a delimma ...need quick help??

One thing that has not been discussed....The limitations of the human eye....
You are aware that as you get older (around 45) your pupil will not open as large (dilate) as it does when you are 25.....So all that money in a scope might be wasted...If you pupil won't dialate over 4mm, your eye will not be able to use all that extra light that the scope brings to it...Go see your eye doctor, get him to tell you how large your pupil will dilate...My vision is terrible (worse than 20/200)...I'm 51...I had to have emergency laser surgery to repair a torn retna about 6 years ago, which left me with a "floater"...I can still see to shoot a deer 15 minutes after legal shooting time, the larger reticle I had installed in my scope has helped a tremendously....

One other point....a couple of years ago I bought a pair of Nikon ATB binos in 8x42s...Money well spent....I spend more time using binos than the scope...Leave enough money to include buying a pair of quality binoculars...They come in mighty handy after legal shooting hours to let you know where you need to move to be able to get on the deer for the next hunt....Especially when hunting over soybeans, peanuts and corn fields....

Get your buddies to bring their setups over one evening and compair all of them, 30-45 minutes after sundown....Then you have a good basis for comparison...
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Default RE: Almost there but ran into a delimma ...need quick help??

Browning,Styer,Swaro,Zeiss? Sounds like a lotta overpriced jap/euro crap to me. Heres my radicalidea -BUY AMERICAN GUNS! I would only kill a deer W/ a jap/euro car.
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Quick Reply: Almost there but ran into a delimma ...need quick help??

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