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Marlin 1895 Guide Gun 45-70

Old 12-11-2006, 05:36 AM
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Default Marlin 1895 Guide Gun 45-70

Just got one what do yall think about it?

Any flause?

What all animals is it good for?

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Default RE: Marlin 1895 Guide Gun 45-70

I purchased one when they first came out ,great carbine ,worked up a good load using a 405gr. Rem. bullet ,harvested several deer ,a couple of wild hogs,and one coyote. Worked and functioned flawlessly, was accurate,kicked some with top end loads ,but was comfortable,only one draw back it was ported....
I traded it for a Marlin 375..and the next week went and bought a 1895SS ,thats a Marlin in 45/70 with a 22in. barrel,which I like also.


"The only Government I trust is a 45/70 Government !"

Oh yeah ,you asked what animals it is good for ,
With the proper bullet ,it can and has taken everthing that walks the earth that is hunted...Handlely....I might add.
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Default RE: Marlin 1895 Guide Gun 45-70

Yes it's taken the biggest baddest Game in Africa more that once.
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Default RE: Marlin 1895 Guide Gun 45-70

Once on a Whitetail hunt ,i went with my cousin and a few of his freinds on long weekend hunt ,his freinds were so suprised i brought a 18.5 in barreled levergun in a obsolete caliber ,thats a quote ,more or less..
they acted as if i was handicapping myself with my carbine ,i brought..
( they must have been bullistic studiers),there guns of there choice where ethier 7mm Mag.s or 300 win. mags. (which are great calibers for sure)
And there guns sported scopes ,and i'm sure a few of those scopes cost more than my gun !
The 2nd. day in the hunt the Marlin and the 45/70 cartridge won a few fans ..When I popped a nice buck@ a distance of 135 yd.s open sights shooting off hand ,and they was no tracking that buck,. I was useing a 405gr. Rem. backed by a healthy charge of IMR 3031, to a Vel. of 1750 Fps ,(give or take)
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Default RE: Marlin 1895 Guide Gun 45-70

You picked a great gun. I have the same gun but in a .450 Marlin and though with the .450 it kicks quite abit it is nothing you can't handle. My buddies wife shoots it and she weighs around 120 lbs. I wouldn't hesitate to shoot anything that walks with it.
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Default RE: Marlin 1895 Guide Gun 45-70

I have the 1895 with the 22" barrel and I love it. I didn't want the Guide Gun due to the shorter barrel and straight stock but I'm sure it is a nice little carbine.
As far as animals go, you can take just about anything you want. On mid-sized animals such as deer, you won't need to track at all.
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Default RE: Marlin 1895 Guide Gun 45-70

i have a guide gun in 444 the earlier ported version its wicked will out shoot my savage 10 in 308 at 100 yds. clover leaf groups dont describe it accuratly enough
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Default RE: Marlin 1895 Guide Gun 45-70

After I acquire a couple of other guns on my list, (44 mag revolver, Win 94 30-30, muzzleloader) the 45-70 will be next on the list. The only reason that the 45-70 isnt higher on the list is because I am not sure that my surgically repaired shoulder can handle it lol. That is a fine gun for sure and deserves more credit than your balistic crazed buddies where willing to give it before you made that fine shot with it. When a gun makes an entrence hole the size of a quarter it deserves some credit, I dont care how fast the bullet is moving.
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Default RE: Marlin 1895 Guide Gun 45-70

I too bought one when they hit the market and love the rifle . Excellent shooter ,easy to carry and a power house in a compact package.
I topped mine off with a Leupold 1-4x which works great in brush.

An awesome lever gun which compliments my collection of levers , ranging from m-94's , 336 c in 35 remand 444 ss .

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Default RE: Marlin 1895 Guide Gun 45-70

To Tuk101: Concerning 45-70. I do not know if you reload or cast. But if you do, you can cast a 300grain(or buy them) bullet. Buy a pound of Trail Boss(fills the case up),or else use 2400 or RL 7,and shoot that bullet out at about 1200 fps. Recoil is light-very light. Accuracy is fantastic. And as long as you do not care about all the charts, and if the deer can not read the charts, this combo is deadly. This is a great Trapdoor load as well.

And if you really want to have some fun. fill that case with 70 grains of 2F Blackpowder, and a wad. Tom.
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