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What .22 to buy?

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Default What .22 to buy?

Hey guys im am buyin a new .22 and i was wondering what kind i should buy i was looking into a bolt or autoloading action for under $250 ???
Can you help??????
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Default RE: What .22 to buy?

Find a used Ruger 10/22. they are sweet little autoloaders. the coolest thing is when you save up some more money you can by accessories and upgrades. You know Barrels, stocks, etc. they are all bolt on so its easy to do. Its kind of like Pimp my 22. when you get done it could look something like this:

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Default RE: What .22 to buy?

Another sweet .22 I may add is the Marlin Model 60 Semi-Auto .22 Rifle. It's a sweet little gun that I will never part with. You can get one at $120 at Wal-Mart. The 10/22 sounds like a fun gun also.
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Default RE: What .22 to buy?

My first .22 was a Ruger 10-22. I still have it, but it not the same animal. It now wears a Kimber of Oregon barrel, thumbhole stock, 6-18x scope.....
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Default RE: What .22 to buy?

Enough can't be said for the Marlin 39A. Year after year it has great reviews and I understnad why. I have two. When I went to buy my new 22 I shopped around a lot because my dad had one of the Marlin's and I wanted something newer and "nicer" so I shopped around and shot a lot of different guns..... ended up buying a 39AS gold. 50 yards I cut the same hole. My dad's does the same thing.

The Ruger isn't a bad gun either if like ShatoDavis said you wanta "pimp" it out. There's a ton of accessories for them.
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Default RE: What .22 to buy?

10/22, best .22 on the market today. And very fun.
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Default RE: What .22 to buy?

im lookin in to buying a savage. they are really good. or a 10/22. then you could pimp it out.
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Default RE: What .22 to buy?

I'd get the ruger 10/22 deluxe model with the checkered stock and no barrel band (stainless is optional). Nothing beats the 10 shot rotary clip. The great thing is it mounts flush to the stock, and replacement clips are cheap enough to own 3 or 4. I've had excellent accuracy, and after 22 years and about 20,000 rounds it still shoots as good as the day I bought it.

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Default RE: What .22 to buy?

Airsoft Dude

Check out my CZ recommendation at this thread @ bottom of page.

Make your first shot count!
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Default RE: What .22 to buy?

I love my Marlin Model 60 in Stainless. Shoots straight and is very reliable.
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