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.30-06 or .300WSM? Can't decide..

Old 11-03-2006, 11:38 PM
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Default .30-06 or .300WSM? Can't decide..

Went looking at rifles today. i found a left handed Browning A-Bolt Hunter in .30-06 and one in .300 WSM.
I'm very familiar with the 06', but the WSM is new to me.
I'm wondering how much difference in recoil I would see from the same gun with similar loads. Maybe a 165gr. Nosler in each caliber.
Where I hunt, SUPER long shots are not the norm. Usually 150 yards or under. I know both calibers are great for the whitetail and hogs I'll run across.
I wouldn't mind having the extra punch of the WSM if it didn't come along with a HUGE increase in recoil.
Anyone who has shot both calibers in similar rifles? I would really appreciate any input you can give me.
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Default RE: .30-06 or .300WSM? Can't decide..

The 300 wsm does come with a little more recoil but in comparing the 300wsm abolts I have shotto my partners 280 abolt the difference was not that great IMO. Which is essentially the same style/design as the 3006 you have in mind and very similar in recoil as well. Both these rifles are smaller compact designs the 300wsm is a touch lighter and has 23" barrel vs the 06 and it's 22" barrel. If both felt good in fit then I'd go with the 300wsm because it sounds like you would like it more than the 06'. I doubt you'll have any problems with the 300WSM. Suggestion: look into installing an aftermarket recoil pad in lieu of the factory one. They work very well in terms of reducing felt recoil.

You don't require the 300wsm but if you want it then don't settle.

As far as bullets being 150 yards is your considered top end range anything 165-180 will work just fine. I'd probably lean towards a bullet design with more controlled expansion vs a rapid expansion bullet as your impact velocity will be higher nor do you need the advantages of a long range designed bullet. Something like a Nosler Partition, etcwould be just fine.
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Default RE: .30-06 or .300WSM? Can't decide..

The 30-06 has about 15-20 percent less lecoil than the 300 WSM. 20.3 lbs VS 23.8 Lbs. You would notice the difference but in the field, the difference is not great. Off the Bench might be another mtter. Best way is to try to find someone who has a 300 WSM that you can shoot. Either caliber will do NA well.
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Default RE: .30-06 or .300WSM? Can't decide..

There are differences in the rifle, as 7 mm described. 7mm is dead on the money in describing those differences. I have both calibers, and the WSM has more recoil. Please remember that the 30-06 is no slouch in recoil either. If recoil is your concern then you should consider a smaller caliber, but I would not allow recoil to be my decision maker between the 30-06 and the WSM.

My questions to you are simple. 1. Do you reload? 2. How much do you shoot?

The major difference between the two is the cost of the ammo. If you shoot alot, and do not reload, then the 30-06 is your choice. If you are a regular hunter who shoots a box every two years then I would go with the WSM. I see your decision as a great excuse to start reloading, if you already do not. Tom.
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Default RE: .30-06 or .300WSM? Can't decide..

06 ammo you can get it anywhere, short mag harder to find
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Default RE: .30-06 or .300WSM? Can't decide..

My calculations show you'll have about 3 ft/lbs more of free recoil with the WSM. I think that is a small price to pay for the increased performance. That really doesn't seem like much to me.
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Default RE: .30-06 or .300WSM? Can't decide..

300wsm is the most popular wsm!! Factory ammo availability shouldn't pose any problems the amount of factory loadsbeing put out for the 270wsm and 300wsm continues to grow and imo neither are going anywhere. Further evidence is the amount of rifles being produced by different manufcaturer's offering these 2 WSM chamberings. I am seeing 300wsm shells in the small town gas stations up here!! Suggests demand or the 300wsm gaining serious popularity. Yes price paid for such will be higher but small amount considering the investment we pay to the sport each year. I certainly wouldn't let that be the deceiding factor to which to buy.
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Default RE: .30-06 or .300WSM? Can't decide..

Where I hunt, SUPER long shots are not the norm. Usually 150 yards or under
The there is not a significant amount of difference in performance at that range that could sway me into buying a 300 wsm. Ammunition is going to be more expensive, with far less selection with the wsm. The negatives outweigh the positives on this one UNLESS-----> you reload! If you reload, knock yourself out and be different, there are no limitations. I've hunted using 7.5 schmidt rubin and 8x56r steyr mannlicher rifles- you can't buy soft point ammunition for these rifles anywhere, but its fun to be different.
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Default RE: .30-06 or .300WSM? Can't decide..

well i have a biased opiniong but i would say go with the short mag. The recoil difference isnt all that big and its a small price to pay for the increased performance. The short mag will also have a shorter action which isnt a big deal but its always nice.

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Default RE: .30-06 or .300WSM? Can't decide..

Hello. The performance is miniscule. I'd take the '06 any day...the dead deer don't care if they were killed by a bullet that is 50 to 75'/sec faster....dead is dead. The price of the mags factory ammo is triple and the '06 has been around for over 100 years, stood the test of time and the jury is still out on these SM's throat erosion problems. Choose Wisley. Regards, Rick.
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Quick Reply: .30-06 or .300WSM? Can't decide..

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