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JHJames20 10-17-2006 11:34 PM

In need of a good rifle.ASAP
I'm somewhat new to hunting.not to many firearms under my belt i've owned only a remington 870 express 12,gauge and a marlin looking now for a really decent 30-06 for $250 & under.if anyone could help me i'd really appreciate it.I've had my eyes on the Remington 700 model 30-06 but then came across the price.but im just looking for a bolt action 30-06.thanks for anyone help.I plan only going for white tail deer thats about it.

BrutalAttack 10-17-2006 11:36 PM

RE: In need of a good rifle.ASAP
Probably a Savage may be your only option for that price. Go check Walmart they have some cheap rifle/scope combos on occasion.

ipscshooter 10-17-2006 11:41 PM

RE: In need of a good rifle.ASAP
Not going to be easy to find a bolt action for under $250 unless you find something used. On VERY rare occasions, you can find 700 ADL's on sale for between $249 and $286.

Mossberg 100 ATR is on sale now at Academy for $286. Academy's regular price on 700 ADL's is $308, I think. The base line Savages run around $300.

Not_Magnum_Man_300 10-17-2006 11:43 PM

RE: In need of a good rifle.ASAP
I think the Stevens Model 200 Can be had for about 205$ it comes in most standard calibers.

KC10Chief 10-18-2006 07:44 AM

RE: In need of a good rifle.ASAP
Look at pawn shops. The ones around here always have nice used guns. Most shops inspect and clean the guns and guarantee the gun to work properly. I saw a used Remington 700 30-06 with a Leupold scope the other day for $399. I would have bought it myself, but I was short about $397. Anyways, Pawn shops are great. I've bought several guns from pawn shops and never had a problem with any of them.

Catus Magnus 10-18-2006 10:26 AM

RE: In need of a good rifle.ASAP
You could get a used Savage for around 250, but why? Just use that Marlin you've got, it'll do fine for killing deer. Rare is the shot deer that couldn't be killed as easily by a 30-30, as by a 30-06.

ipscshooter 10-18-2006 11:28 AM

RE: In need of a good rifle.ASAP
I got the impression, from his use of the past tense, that he no longer owned the .30-30.

BareBack Jack 10-18-2006 11:42 AM

RE: In need of a good rifle.ASAP
Check gunbroker they have lots of used 30-06's in many diffrent prices.
If not go and find the Stevens Mod 200,they can be had for as much as 270.00 to 230.00 is the cheapest I've found.They are a better gun than the mossberg and pretty good quality for the bucks$

wcpa 10-18-2006 07:49 PM

RE: In need of a good rifle.ASAP
For whatever it's worth, my first gun I ever purchased was a Savage 110GLin a 7mm08 that I paid $225 for. That was 16 yrs ago, and the gun is still a killer.. Floated the barrel, and it's a tackdriver!

[email protected] 10-18-2006 08:05 PM

RE: In need of a good rifle.ASAP
The Stevens should be easy to find and within your price range, also more accurate than most of us shooters will prove to be!

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