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 Went shooting yesterday...(w/ pics), hunting story from Dad... >

Went shooting yesterday...(w/ pics), hunting story from Dad...

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Went shooting yesterday...(w/ pics), hunting story from Dad...

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Default Went shooting yesterday...(w/ pics), hunting story from Dad...

Took out a couple of the rifles. Shooting over the hood of my truck, got one good group and the others aren't that bad either. I'm no bench-rest shooter (like most of us I suspect) but occasionally I get a good one. Just thought I'd share some "real-world" rifle results.

First started out with the 30-06 my Dad just handed down to me last summer. It's a 1965 Rem. Model 700 with a ? scope I've never heard of at 4x. Just to start we set the first target at 65 yards. By the way, the squares are 1/2" in dimension.

Not bad with factory ammo and questionable scope and cleaning of rifle.

Great story with this gun I should share. First, I have to say, my Dad isn't a hunter. He only went deer huntingone time and as far as I know that is the only time he ever hunted.Anyway, talking to dad last summer he asks me if I remember his single deer hunting story. I say yes, but of course, he has to tell it to me again (and I don't mind one bit, any hunting story is always a good one, especially coming from your Dad). So, he brings out this gun and hands it to me. I handle it with the respect it deserves and admire it in my hands while he tells the tale.

After he and my Mom got married myGrandpa and Grandma (Mom's parents) wanted to go deer hunting like they did every fall. Dad, trying to fit in and make a good impression went out and bought this rifle used and went along. Not having ever deer hunted (or probably shot a rifle either I suspect) they went hunting. He pops up over a hill and sees a deer. So, BANG, he shoots at it. It disappears over the hill and pops up on the next hill over. BANG, he shoots at it again, andonce more the deer runs out of sight down the other side and pops again on the next hill. So, BANG one more time and the deer drops. Dad walks over to the deer and starts calling for my Grandpa to come help. Grandpa walks toward my Dad and stops short. He calls to my Dad about where is his deer? Dad of course says he standing next to the deer, and so my Grandpa asks, "Who's deer is this then?" Yup, you guessed it. Dad had killed all 3 deer he shot at.

Thankfully, this was back in the 60's and since all 3 of them had tags they just tagged the 3 deer and called it a good day of hunting. So, I now own that rifle. As I tried to hand the rifle back to Dad after hearing the hunting adventure again he looked at it, and at me and just said, "Nah, you keep it." I nearly started to cry (and I'm in my late 30's). Matter of fact I get teared up right now as I write this (never written this down before). Anyway, back to the targets....

Here's my 100 yard group next to my buddy Randy's with his old 30-06. This is my group on the left with my Tikka 7mm Rem. Mag with Accubond handloads. It generally shoots MOA or better. This is probably one of the best groups I've ever had, and I had a witness this time too. I have one group I shot last summer with this gun that was 1 ragged hole, same load.

And here's how I did at 200 yards. Not as good as I'd like but more than good enough for an elk or deer. Wanted to shoot at 300 yards for practice but the mountain we were on it was hard enough to find a spot at 200 yards that you could shoot and walk to without crossing a canyon.

Hope you liked the story and pictures. Good hunting this fall everyone!

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Old 08-23-2006, 12:33 PM
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Default RE: Went shooting yesterday...(w/ pics), hunting story from Dad...

Great story and looks like those groups are good enough to kill any elk or deer that walks out in front of you
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Default RE: Went shooting yesterday...(w/ pics), hunting story from Dad...

That storyis awesome. Glad to see your Tikka is shooting well.I've got an .30-06 T3Lite/Stainless that I love.
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