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.25 wssm

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Default RE: .25 wssm

Went to Gander mountain yesterday to pickup some pistol ammo and inventoried their MOdel 70 Rack and their Browning Abolt's..There was one 300 win mag available in a MOdel 70 and the rest were 223 wssm's and 25 wssms with a 270 and 300 WSM thrown in. Browning Abolt rack was the same pretty much..
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Default RE: .25 wssm

WTF does" I am sure you are well mean"? Only one manufacturer of guns that went out of business but the caliber is known as a 25 Winchester Super Short Mag is it not?
Very simple really..the statement was meant to read "I am sure you are well aware"

As for the name...the Winchester it is named still in business..Winchester Ammo...
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Default RE: .25 wssm

I'm sure there is nothing wrong with the 25 wssm but as an earlier poster said I can't really see why anyone would prefer it over the 25-06. The ballistics for it aren't any better and you can get 25-06 ammo virtually anywhere. Cheaper too!
And as for the ammo becoming less available in the coming years, yes it will. Hell, it's not that available now. Most of the stores that do have it only have one type. So much for trying several brands to see which your rifle likes.

Yeah, I know the 25 wssm can be had in a short action. Well, quite frankly I think that's highly overated. I've never gotten half way to one of my shooting houses and thought, "Dang, I sure wish this rifle weighed 6 ounces less."

"Did you go hunting today Todd?" .... "Nope, got half way to my stand and had to turn back."....."Did you get sick?"......"Nope"......"Forget something?"......"Nope, rifle weighed 6 ounces too much. Couldn't make it there."

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Default RE: .25 wssm

I have never understand why they didn't come out with the .25 WSM instead of the .25 WSSM. From the reports I read the wildcat .25 WSM is even better than the .257 WBY. Better meaning thats its suppose to be just as fast or a bit faster, and more accurate.
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Default RE: .25 wssm

I have never understand why they didn't come out with the .25 WSM instead of the .25 WSSM.
No kidding. Who knows if it would have caught on with the general public but at leasta 25 WSM would have ballistically bested the 25-06 by enough of a margin to make it an understandable choice.
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Default RE: .25 wssm

I was also hoping for a 25WSM.
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Thumbs up 25 wssm

I have a 25 wssm in the winchester model 70 target stock, bull barrel ,and a nikon 6-18 with 600 yd bdc. I have used it on coyotes and whitetail, dropping deer in there tracks at 485yds. As far as ammunition, I load all my own stuff. I can only speek for myself in saying, this gun is a machine when it comes to long range shooting.
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The 25wssm was made to give the same ballistics as the 25-06, right? So, why not go with the more popular 25-06 instead? Maybe you like the idea of a short action, a lighter gun, whatever.
I do suppose that if you handload a 25wssm would be nice, as it uses a little less powder. The -06 can be handloaded a bit hotter if I rightly recall... not that there's really any reason to shoot hot loads. I load my 25-06 light with Varget (be it 75 or 117gr bullets) as it is just because I don't need any extra power.
Don't handload? Well, I'd probably go with a 7mm-08 then myself. Performance is about the exact same, and it's more popular with factory loads. Time to start handloading if you don't. It pays for itself.
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Originally Posted by jcchartboy

I am sure you are well aware, it was only one manufacturer of the guns that went out of business. The ammo manufacturer involved in the design, and the second original manufacturer, (Browning), are still going strong.

First, as mentioned above your statement "the company that invented the wssm closed." is completely incorect. Itwas Winchester Ammo that designed the cartridges. (As you probably know they are a completely seperate business from Winchester firearms.)

Secondly, none of thisanswers any of the questions I referenced above, and has little to do with the original topic...25 wssm's...

You can clarify me if I am wrong...are "all these guns" that you discussing 25 wssm's...I highly doubt it...

Once again if you have any actual data concerning the business factors that would lead to this (the 25 Wssm) cartidge being discontinued I would love to hear it...I will gladly admit you are right if you can produce some meaningful data...

As for the prices/availabilty of those Model 70 WSSM's you were discussing....they are no different than any other gun...low end models, will always be the last to sell in any collectors market....

Ask your gunsmith how many Model 70 Featherweight stainless 25 wssm's he can pick up at/below cost....I can tell you...none!

Sounds like someone got suckered into buying one. I think they are perfect examples of marketing strategy for a failing company that didn't work. As for collector value, I don't think so. Save your pennies and buy a pre-64. WSSM's are as worthless as tits on a bull. All the world needs is another rifle cartridge. Springfield figured it out in 1906.
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Originally Posted by Ridge Runner
Ok, yes I see you all's point about how there is not much demand for the wssm's, and I also wouldn't sell a 25-06 or a 243 to buy one in a bolt gun. Now hear me out.
There are no fewer than 20 companies building AR-15's in various calibers, they can barely keep up with the demand, so, of the millions of AR owners out there, do you think there would be enough people who want to deer hunt with the black rifles to warrant making the brass.
Dedicated technologies builds AR's in the wssm line, when he started building them there was a 9 day turnaround, now you wait 6-7 weeks. My opinion may be a little biased but here are my experiences with the 25 wssm/AR.
I've got 2 deer seasons under my belt with the 25, the feeding is supberb, seems the fat case has a neck so short that by the time the cartridge is free of the feed lips of the mag, the bullet and cartridge neck are in the chamber.
Accuracy is what you'd expect from the custom AR platform 3/8's and less is the norm. this is with nosler 115 gr bt's running from the 22" barrel right at 3000 fps, groups in the .1's and .2's are common for the guys who meticulously work up handloads with varmint weight bullets.
I have no way of knowing how many AR's there are in the wssm lines but from the demand that dtech and oly is getting for them and from the rifles built and sold by win and browning, I don't think getting brass will be a problem, and now brass is being made by hornady also, even if win stops making ammo, the demand will be great enough that hornady will offer loaded ammo.
Most of the folks who have a wssm really like them, there is a forum dedicated to the wssm line I think I'll keep mine!!!
Very familiar with the work that Mike Milli does with ARs and in particular the WSSM line. Good friend has one in .243 WSSM that is the shxt for antelope on the prairie. Have a another buddy who has three uppers that all came from DTech. You have to see one in action to appreciate what they can do. Watched two very unfortunate prairie dogs fall to a fast twist 6mm just over 640 yds. to a DTech upper.
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