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Raven P25 .25 acp

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Raven P25 .25 acp

Old 05-24-2006, 09:43 AM
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Default RE: Raven P25 .25 acp

it works flawlessly. The first day I shot 100 rounds through it with out a jam or failure to feed. Not a single problem!! The second day I didn't even clean it from the day before. Same thing no problems.
Here you have showen it works as intended-it shoots& its reliable& not junk, as you have stated 3x+ in the above short paragraph.And that it can be used for other then self defense also .
All that matters Spike is that your happy with it- not someone else.
I think you got a deal. Have fun with it as others have said here.

There have been ppl shot in the head even with .45,s that have lived also-tho you do up your chances of success with more power/bigger calibers.

$95.new i payed for the 9mm in the picture on the left- it would be classafied by some im sure as junk& a saterday nite speical by some to i bet.
(i know it shoots as well as my other 9mm,s costing 300% more) (ask me if i care what they think?)

Thanks to billy clintoon& friendsthey are no longer imported into this country.

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Old 10-25-2006, 04:02 PM
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Default RE: Raven P25 .25 acp

On April 19, 2004 myaunt gave me a Raven P25. I got shot at during a robbery on April 14, and when my aunt saw it on TV, she was concerned for my well-being. That was my first handgun. It was tough to learn to shoot straight withthat little pocket gun, but I can keep it on a sheet of paper at 7 yards now. If I take my time, I even get a couple of rounds in the 4-inch red circle in the middle of my targets.

Realize this gun had been in a drawer, with the magazine stuffed full, for several years. I had to take the magazine apart, and I bought a couple of new ones to boot. At first it would have an occasional fail-to-eject. After a new recoil spring and firing pin spring, and a little hand-polishing on the chamber ramp, she fires flawlessly with S&B, Winchester USA, Remington, and UMC ball ammo, as well as Winchester hollow-points.

I own five handguns now, and granted, I don't carry the Raven very often. But I do carry it occasionally on a hot summer day, just to walk around in the yard. Any further, and I always have something more potent to tote. It's fun to shoot, and it's about the weight of a good "throwing" rock if need be.

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Default [Deleted]

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Default RE: Raven P25 .25 acp

Yeah. Good point, Magnum. I love my 4-inch barreled .357 best of all.

A friend of mine has a really nicely tricked-out 1911. He was making fun of my little Raven one night. I told him, "Okay, you pull yours, and I'll pull mine. We'll see whose is better." Of course I knew he had left his at home in the vault, just like he always does. He just laughed.

Yeah that little Raven ain't much, butyou know what they say about "any gun in the pocket" being better than "any gun in the vault." I'd still take a little "get-off-me" gun before I'd go out with nothing.

Better yet, I do my best to stay out of any position where I can't carry a real gun. That's why I hate going downtown to the government offices. I wonder if I walked in with a Raven, if they would take it off me, or would they just laugh and take away my fingernail file? Probably!
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