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Sako model 75 in .375 H&H

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Sako model 75 in .375 H&H

Old 10-27-2005, 05:17 PM
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Default Sako model 75 in .375 H&H

Sako model 75 in .375 H&H...Anyone have any time spent with this particular rifle? I am trying to round out the gun case, and also to gear up for a big bear hunt that I feel I deserve . I have looked at a few of the "Safari" style rifles out there, and believe I have settled on this one. I was just wondering if any of the guru's on here have heard anything, good or bad about this rifle.

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Old 10-27-2005, 06:43 PM
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Default RE: Sako model 75 in .375 H&H

I have used only the Model 70 in that caliber. I would highly recomend the Model 70 Safari. I think they still make it. I used an older one that belonged to an Uncle and also loaded ammo for a friend who had the same make and Model. Both rifles were fairly old, probably 60's models. The 375 would be a fine rifle for big bears and just to round out your arsonal.
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Old 10-27-2005, 08:09 PM
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Default RE: Sako model 75 in .375 H&H

Well I can’t comment on the 375 H&H but I can say that the Sako rifles are a joy to have. I have the Sako 75 synthetic stainless and find the are very well made. Lots of good feature I like in this rifle, especially the rubber inlayed stock just to name one. The stock has a solid sound not like other synthetic stocks. Now although I haven’t hunted with this rifle yet I have spent allot of time at the range and find the action is smooth and functions well. On the average I can get 1” groups with different loads but I’m looking for a nice and tight group.

I had to add that last weekend I was at the range and was between two other menders that had Sako synthetic stainless. One guy had the 300 Rem Ultra Mag. and the other guy had the 270 Win. When I asked them how the liked there rifle, they both had the same expression with a smile from ear to ear. I you have a chance go out and handle one and see for yourself. Good luck in your purchase.
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Old 10-27-2005, 09:35 PM
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Default RE: Sako model 75 in .375 H&H

Actually the model 70 was the "close second" to the Sako. I just fell in love with the detailing of the Sako. The model 70 Safari is a close second though. They weigh basically the same. But from the stand point of this gun riding the display case most of its life...the Sako is just prettier...Yeah I really havent heard a bad word about the Sako yet from anyone I have spoken too...I guess I was just looking for a reason to not spend $1600.00 on a rifle...so much for that...Thanks for the input.

Frankie ( Soon to be the proud owner of a Sako model 75 deluxe)
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Old 10-27-2005, 11:00 PM
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Default RE: Sako model 75 in .375 H&H

Hi BigBuck:

I loveSako'sbut LOATHE the key lock. I have a .416 Rem which I would never part with. It is only a few years old, but "pre-key". I use it with Barnes 300 gr for elk and deer and can go up to 400 gr for anything larger. I think a .375 would be well adapted to those tasks as well. I would look around gun shops for old inventory for a LONG time before I would buy a "keyed" SAKO. I would go with the Win before a "new and improved" SAKO.

Good luck,
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Old 10-27-2005, 11:03 PM
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Default RE: Sako model 75 in .375 H&H

Comparing the Sako too the Winnie is like comparing a 5 series BMW too a Buick. There certainly aremore expensive and fancier models, some prettier (but that's questionable on the Sako IMHO) but few will do anymore than either and they are both "above average". (lol they aint no Chevy's!) For big bears I can't think of ANYTHING better than the grand ol' dame of warhorses herself the .375 HitemHard!!!

Ask ANYONE who is an old timer and spent most of that time in Africa which caliber they have used and recommended the most and you will hear the .375 multiple Xs over anything else. That's because it WORKS. When the threat of becoming the hunted looms you want more than your typical 300mag! (And I am the magnumophile of ill repute!)

To be honest I wont truly consider myself as having "THE rifle" until I have an actual H&H double (in .375 of course) in my safe. Then and ONLY then will I consider myself a "true gunman",
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Old 10-28-2005, 09:25 AM
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Default RE: Sako model 75 in .375 H&H

I own a couple of Sako 75's, but neither is chambered for the .375. As far as the rifle itself is concerned I am very fond of it.Both of mine have been an absolute joy to shoot and hunt with.You could do a lot worse, I guarantee you.
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Default RE: Sako model 75 in .375 H&H

I haven’t seen the Sako in .375 H&H. However, my boss has a Winchester Model 70 Safari Grade in .375 H&H.I had the chance to shoot ita couple of weeks ago, what a treat.

I can only imagine what the Sako looks like because I thought his Model 70 was absolutely gorgeous!!!!

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Old 10-28-2005, 11:59 AM
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Default RE: Sako model 75 in .375 H&H

...I guess I was just looking for a reason to not spend $1600.00 on a rifle...so much for that...
You'n da wrong place fer dat bubba!

Enjoy your new rifle Frankie.Like some of the other guys who posted, a friend of mine has a, probably 60's era, Win M70 in that caliber. It does the job fo' shore.
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Old 10-29-2005, 02:03 AM
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Default RE: Sako model 75 in .375 H&H

I own a Sako Deluxe in 375 H&H and I'm very satisfied with the accuracy, performance and looks. I topped it with a Leupold 1.5 x 5 for a bear hunt in 1986 to BC. One shot with a 270 gr. psp did the job.
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